Do Japanese Women Like American Men?—Our Research

Updated on Mar 2023

There is no doubt that Japanese girls love the thought of being with western men and especially American gentlemen. The question is: “Do Japanese women like American men?” There are several reasons why this is true, which we will dive into through this article. For the last four decades, Japanese ladies have had a love affair with everything American.

There has always been a fascination with the country and American men. There are countless TV shows shown on Japanese TV day and night. So Japanese women have been exposed to lots of American culture. This is one of the reasons they have a love affair with America.

Examples of Profiles of Single Japanese Women Who Use Dating Sites

Min 24 y.o.
Fang 26 y.o.
Xiu 23 y.o.

Another reason is they find American guys extremely attractive. It is well known that Japanese women are adventurous and love something new. So local men just do not turn them on like American guys. You would have probably noticed many Japanese ladies like to make their skin as white as possible. This is because they are attracted to this color and dream of being with white men.

So through the many dating platforms on offer, Japanese ladies search for western men. So if you are a man from the west, it is not difficult to be with a Japanese woman; they are eager to meet American men.

Do Japanese Girls Like Foreigners?

The great thing about women from this region of the globe is they love American culture. There is also a liking for European men; Japanese women are wild at heart and enjoy learning new things. This is one of the reasons they are drawn to American guys. Japanese culture is that they are super respectful and serious when it comes to relationships. These women are interested in having a fulfilling relationship and nothing less.

They take marriage with Americans and commitment extremely seriously. So as an American man, these are the things you want to hear. In America, divorce is at an all-time high; marriages are falling apart everywhere. So dating Japanese girls is a wise thing to do if you are after long-term success.

japanese women like american men

Do Japanese Find Western Attractive?

Do Japanese Women Like American Men? Yes, but do Eastern ladies find Westerners attractive? Women from this part of the world are interested in western culture so that they can easily fall in love with American men. Every woman wants to be treated nicely and shown respect; this is what happens when Japanese women and American men get together. There is real chemistry between this match made in heaven. We believe this goes back many years, as there has always been a strong bond between Japan and America. One of the reasons guys from the west are seen as so attractive to these ladies is that they often have great bodies. American guys love to work out and stay in shape, which is a treat for most Asian women.

Many Asian men are slim, and working out is not common in Japan. So Japanese females see western men as something new and exciting. This type of athletic western man turns them on, and they turn to dating platforms to find a date. There are millions of girls waiting online to chat and find a serious relationship. You would not believe how easy it is to locate a sexy Japanese girl. Fortunately, Japanese women and American men have always had a connection. They often find themselves matched together, and there are so many success stories of couples married for years together.

Why Do Japanese Women Like American Men?

The demand for Western men from local ladies can be reduced to humor. American men have a great sense of humor, which is certainly one way to a woman’s heart. Japanese girls love to laugh as they are reserved people. So anytime a man can make them open up and laugh, they admire this trait very much. We have put together a list of reasons why Japanese women love American men below. We advise that if you are a lonely western man wanting to meet Asian ladies, you should take note of these.

Why Do Japanese Girls Like Americans?

So there are many reasons why Japanese women love American men. Check out this list for ways to impress the Japanese lady you admire.

  • Their sense of humor is a big reason these females enjoy spending time with western bachelors. Many Japanese men have no sense of humor; it is not something that comes naturally to them. But American guys love to make fun of others and situations in life.
  • They are gentlemen that offer a good life. One of the main reasons why so many Japanese people enjoy being with bachelors from North America is that they feel like a million dollars. Men from the States can offer these women a life they dream of, and moving to the States is a dream.
  • Security is something that women from all over the planet like to have in their life. Fortunately, foreign men offer this to Japanese girls. Guys from the west often understand how to treat women, and with financial security, they can give girls a nice lifestyle.
  • Understanding is something that women from all over the world require in a man, and many Japanese girls get this from American guys. Women from this part of the world like the idea of being with a man who is open-minded, and this allows them to be themselves.
  • The sexual side of a Asian American relationship is essential to many people, and most Japanese women prefer the experience they get from American bachelors. Western guys are more experienced and offer much more in the bedroom department.
  • Intelligence is something that draws Japanese girls to the opposite sex. As most western guys have at least a college education, this makes them a great candidate for many Japanese women.
  • Being a romantic man can go a long way if you want to charm Japanese ladies. It is in the culture in the west to charm women; this does not seem to be the case in Japan. So as you can imagine, this entices many women to go for a western man.

As you can see, with all these attributes, you are sure to impress Japanese females. Women from Asia are simple girls, but these types of qualities will assist you in getting into a relationship with these ladies.

What Do Japanese Women Think Of American Men?

They think they are hot, and they would love to be with them. In most cases, Japanese women western men go together like cheese and wine. They enjoy spending time together, and ladies from Japan never laugh as much when with guys from the United States. The culture fascinates girls from Asia and attracts them to foreigners. There is also the fact that women from Asia have strong family values; this attracts men to them too. So when people ask “what do Japanese women like?” The answer is simple, an intelligent, funny, romantic American guy.

Another thing that attracts these ladies to such guys is the look of athletic, American guys. This contrasts to the petite, short Japanese males they are used to seeing day to day. There are many more opportunities in America that draw local brides to Western guys. What makes things interesting for Japanese ladies is that US guys are extremely outgoing, which is the polar opposite of how they are. This is something that intrigues them.

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Why Do Japanese Women Like Americans: Differences Between Japanese And American Men

As we have stated earlier, there are many reasons why many Japanese girls are drawn to men from the States. The main difference between men from the states and local Japanese men is the culture. Japanese guys are serious with everything they do, while American men are more laid back, and they add humor to everything. It is also to do with self-confidence, American’s have it, and that is a big turn-on for many ladies in Asia. Local men tend to be more old-fashioned in their thinking, and they seem not to have evolved as much as the women would have liked.

Another reason Japanese women like American men is because they see it as an opportunity to live in the United States of America. This is something that they have seen on TV shows growing up and would love to go there and try a new life. Japanese males can not offer such opportunities, so the allure of the United States attracts attractive young girls. The look of guys from North America is also something that draws the ladies to them through dating platforms. When they see photos of the males, they are instantly turned on. Being with a tall white man is different from the local short, dark-skinned men they are used to.

Japanese Girls

Japanese Woman and American Men: How Do Their Relationships Work?

When these two companions get together, it works extremely well. Because on the one hand, you have the reserved, quiet, respectful Japanese girl. On the other side, you have the loud, extraverted, funny, brash American guy. They are total opposites in many ways, which creates the romance. Many of these romances start from dating online. There are so many dating establishments available nowadays that it is common to search through potential matches.

The guys love to look up girls through online dating sites; it is super convenient and easy to contact Japanese ladies. Once they meet online, they usually start by chatting through the many chat rooms available. Then after some time, if there is a connection, it will move to a video chat. This is where you will see each other and have some fun together. There are so many more Japanese women available through dating sites you would not believe. We would always suggest taking things slow while dating online and never rushing the lady; you do not want to push her away.

The next step would be to arrange a meeting face to face. This should only be arranged after some time and when you both feel comfortable with one another. This is the make-or-break time. If this part goes right for the woman, they have a potential husband. So do Japanese girls like American guys? This answer is clearly yes, they do. They dream of moving over to America as there will be more career opportunities for them, among other things.

How Do You Make A Japanese Girl Fall In Love With You?

If you are keen on impressing ladies from Asia, you will need to remember some tips. The list below has been made to assist those looking for Japanese wives:

  • Use humor as often as possible when interacting with these girls. If you make a woman laugh, you are doing something right. Women from this part of the world love to laugh and smile.
  • Be generous; by buying some nice gifts and treating them to meals in nice restaurants, you will impress them and make them feel like a princess. You will quickly find out the answer to do Japanese girls like American men?
  • Be polite and use manners when chatting with ladies from Japan. They will appreciate you being a well-mannered man and having respect. So always show this to your date.
  • Be a good listener, as women like a man that tries to understand them. By allowing girls to chat and express themselves, you will find they will open up more to you.
  • The difference between Japanese women vs American women is that Japanese ladies are more content being a follower and not a leader. It is the opposite with American girls as they prefer being a leader. So by remembering this, you will go far with these ladies.
  • As family values are super important to these women, make sure you show interest in their family members. It shows that you are aware of the importance of family in Japanese life.

With these simple recommendations, your chances of getting a nice Eastern lady are high!


As we are coming to the end of answering the question “Do Japanese women like American men?” We want to say that Japanese ladies are very keen on meeting western men; Japanese males are hard and often cruel to local girls, but Westerners treat local girls with much love and care. So women dream of being treated like a princess, and through relationships with an American man, this is possible.

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