How To Date Cambodian Women: All You Need To Know

Updated on Feb 2023

Cambodia might not be the first place you think about when planning your trip to Asia but is definitely worth your attention. Besides fascinating culture and landscapes, you can find a lot of wonderful ladies there. Cambodian women draw attention with their beauty and mindset and a lot of foreigners can’t stand it.

However, it may be hard to win the heart of a beautiful local lady without knowledge of Cambodian dating culture. This article lets you get to know girls from Cambodia, their preferences, and their culture, so you will have a chance to get an amazing Asian girlfriend.

Popular citiesPhnom Penh, Battambang, Siem Reap
% of girls prefer to date foreignersAbout 90%
Popular dating appsCambodianCupid, Tinder, Badoo

Examples of Profiles of Single Cambodian Women Who Use Dating Sites

Min 24 y.o.
Fang 29 y.o.
Xiu 26 y.o.
Aki 27 y.o.
Himari 25 y.o.
Aiko 28 y.o.

The Truth About Cambodian Women

The first thing we want to share with you is what are the characteristics of real Cambodian girls. There are a lot of stereotypes about beautiful Cambodian women, as most foreigners don’t know much about this small country and its people. Keep reading and you will find what personality most local ladies have.

Cambodian Women

Cambodian Women Are Cheerful and Kind

If you talked to the beautiful Cambodian women once, you would immediately note that they are one of the most friendly and talkative people. They always smile and are ready to help anybody. Most foreigners who visited Cambodia admit that the people there are welcoming and full of kindness. It is easy to meet local ladies, as they try to be respectful and polite and can make friends with anyone. Keep reading to learn more about Cambodian girl dating.

Modern Cambodian Women: Ambitious and Hard-Working

Although Cambodian society expects women to be modest and submissive, most modern Cambodian women are nothing like that. They mostly have ambitious goals in life and aim for a better life. They try to resist the local traditional role of women in Cambodia and prove that they are determined, smart, and deserve everything the best.

Family Is One of the Main Priorities

Although nowadays pretty Cambodian women want to build a career, they still have all the best traits for becoming a perfect wife. They love kids and want to have a happy family with a loving husband. Also, Cambodian wives are very dedicated, loyal, and caring, but expect a man to be the same. It is also one of the reasons local girls look for a life partner abroad, as local men have different expectations of family life and mostly want a girl to be a housewife.

Cambodian girls

Cambodian Women: Culture and Beauty

Now, let’s talk about the beauty of Cambodian babes and their culture. What makes Cambodians different from other Asians? The truth is their appearance and traditions are unique and distinctive from other SouthEastern Asian people at first sight. Let’s take a closer look to find out how magnificent Cambodian ladies are.

Beauty of Cambodian Girls

What does a Cambodian woman look like? Well, there are different types of local ladies, but we want to describe an average girl here. Thus, local women have delicate facial features and lightly tanned skin. Like most Asians, their eyes and hair are dark, but a lot of girls like to dye their hair brown.

What frequently catches men’s eyes is the curved figures of local girls. Instead of following Asian beauty trends of being skinny, hot Cambodian women prefer to maintain their seductive curvy body lines. However, you can still meet Cambodian women with slender bodies, and they all are equally beautiful.

Cambodian Culture and Its Influence on Cambodian Girls

What else you should know about gorgeous Cambodian women is that most of them are Khmer people. And due to this fact, their lifestyle, habits, and view of life are closely connected with their culture and traditions.

They prefer a simple peaceful life without excesses. This concept of life also affects the way they look, as beautiful Cambodian girls usually wear casual clothes and don’t wear a lot of make-up.

The most beautiful part of Cambodian culture is the traditional dresses. Made of bright golden-colored material, they look magnificent and exotic. Such dresses are usually worn for different celebrations and wedding ceremonies. Every Cambodian lady wears the traditional dress at least once in her life and always looks incredibly beautiful in it.

Cambodian Ladies

Dating and Hookups in Cambodia: How to Meet Cambodian Girls

Whether you’re in Cambodia or your home country, there are enough possibilities to meet Cambodian singles who are looking for relationships with foreigners. Cambodians are convivial and cheerful people who don’t mind making new friends online and personally. Here are our tips for you on how and where to find Cambodian girlfriend.

Meet Cambodian Ladies Online

Online dating is the most convenient way to meet new people from all over the world. Dating Cambodian girls also became easier, as many single women try to find love online. However, not on every Cambodian dating site in USA, you can find Cambodian singles.

Those who want to date Cambodian girls can use a popular Cambodian dating app in America and any other region. What apps are great for Cambodian women dating? Here is a list of the top Cambodian women date services in Cambodia, according to the statistics:

  • Badoo
  • Sweet Meet
  • Bumble
  • IHappy
  • CambodianCupid
meet women from Cambodia

Dating in Cambodia

If you want to date Cambodian women in Cambodia, there are a lot of ways to meet local singles. First, we recommend you to try dating in big cities such as Phnom Penh and Takeo, as people there are more open-minded and there are more chances that girls know English. Here are several methods you can try to meet Cambodian women for dating:

  • Visit local clubs and bars. This way is simple and common in all countries, as it is not hard to find a nightclub or bar in a big city. Cambodian single women like to spend time dancing and meeting new people too, so it will be easy to find a girl at nighttime. Some of the great places are Cadillac Bar, Club Love, Pontoon, and Eclipse Sky Bar.
  • Start with Tinder or Badoo. Dating apps can be useful even if you’re already in Cambodia. They can help you find Cambodian beautiful women in your area and quickly arrange a date.
  • Take part in local celebrations. National holidays are always a good time for dating. People are more talkative and happy at this time, so it won’t be a problem to meet a potential Cambodian girlfriend. Keep reading to learn more about Cambodian women to date.

How to Impress a Cambodian Girl In 5 Simple Steps

Are you going on a date with a Cambodian girl but don’t know how to impress her? We are here to help you. There are several things that all single Cambodian women are obsessed with in men and their attitudes. We prepared a step-by-step guide for your perfect first date with a lady from Cambodia, so keep reading.

  • Initiate a conversation and be friendly. Cambodian single women are quite shy and usually don’t make the first move to meet a guy. They will be flattered to draw the attention of a foreign man.
  • Become friends first. It will help her to feel more comfortable and safe around you.
  • Let a Cambodian woman know that you like her. Make some compliments and say to her directly that you want to date her.
  • For dating a Cambodian girl, make sure to choose the right place. Every Cambodian girl likes romantic men and would love to spend a day together in a beautiful park and have dinner in a fancy restaurant.
  • Don’t forget to bring gifts for Cambodian women, but take into account their preferences. A Cambodian girl will be thrilled about any gestures of love and attention, especially when it shows that a man listens to her and knows what she likes.
Cambodian wife

Cambodian Dating Culture: 5 Rules You Must Know

Dating cultures of Western and Asian countries usually differ significantly and you should remember about dating Cambodian women. The society in Cambodia has quite conservative views on dating and relationships and as most people there are Buddhist, the local dating culture may be hard for foreigners to follow. Here are the top 5 rules you must know before meeting Cambodian women.

  • Family plays a big role in the relationships of their children. Dating Cambodian girl, be ready to meet her parents at the early stage of your relationship and show them how good you are for their daughter.
  • No PDA. The couples on the streets of Cambodia don’t even hold hands, as it can be judged by society. Also, it is not allowed to touch people’s heads or hug and kiss your Cambodian wife or girlfriend in public.
  • Sexual relationship is a pretty difficult topic to discuss even with mature Cambodian women. Society is conservative there and virginity is extremely important for girls.
  • Dating a Cambodian girl, pay attention when she is laughing, as it does not always mean that she is happy. Cambodians also laugh in negative situations to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.
  • For most Cambodian girls dating is a serious step. They usually start only long-term relationships and expect them to end with a marriage.

10 Common Mistakes Foreigners Make When Dating Cambodian Women

International dating can be hard and there are a lot of confusing situations you can possibly face. Dating a Cambodian woman, you can accidentally hurt her with the attitude that is normal in your country, but unacceptable for her. What kind of men will a Cambodian girl date for sure? And what can make her start ghosting you? Read the list below to figure out what mistakes you should avoid.

  • Don’t try to control her life
  • Remember to be polite and respectful with her family
  • Don’t think that all Cambodians want to meet foreigners only because of money
  • Don’t expect a girl will go for casual dating
  • Be patient and don’t push her to sex
  • Respect her culture and traditions
  • Be understanding of the language barrier and cultural differences
  • Don’t expect a Cambodian woman likes you at first look
  • Never show negative emotions and don’t make a scene in public
  • Try to avoid comparing Cambodian with other Southeast Asians
  • Don’t say anything bad about your and her family
meet Cambodian singles

What You Need To Know About The Cost Of Cambodian Women

The last thing we want to share with you is how much it costs to date Cambodian women. There is not only one answer as everything depends on what type of dating you choose, how long you are looking for Cambodian women for dating, and other factors. However, we collected the average cost of online dating services and expenses for a trip to Cambodia. Let’s take a look at the table below.

Dating Cambodian girls online
Membership for a month$5 – $15
Gifts delivery$10 – $300 (depends on types of gift)
One-week trip to Cambodia
Visa$30 – $35 for US citizens
Hotel room per week$210 – $350
Round- trip flight tickets$700 – $1200
Dating$100 – 250

Summary: Essential Rules For Successful Dating Cambodian Women

If you want to date a Cambodian girl, it is important to know her culture, as it has a huge affection for the lifestyle of Cambodian people. For Cambodian women dating is always a serious and long-term relationship and they carefully choose whom to date.

When you meet women from Cambodia, try to be respectful, easy-going, and friendly, as it is the best way to make a girl feel safe and relaxed around you. Another important rule is to respect her family and show yourself as a good potential partner for their daughter. Follow these rules and you will get success in Cambodian women dating.


What Is a Cambodian Beautiful Woman?

A beautiful Cambodian girl has tanned skin, a stunning figure, and an incredible smile. The beauty of Cambodian ladies is also in their kind nature and good manners.

What Are the Characteristics of Cambodian Girls?

Cambodian women are one of the most welcoming and friendly in the world. They are kind hearted and like to meet new people. Dating a Cambodian girl, you will also find out that they make romantic, attentive, and caring girlfriends.

How Do You Win a Cambodian Woman's Heart?

The key to the heart of a Cambodian girl is to be understanding, friendly, and romantic. Don’t push her to a quick start of relationships and respect her decisions and culture.

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