This is What It’s Like for a White Guy in Taipei

Updated on Mar 2023

Taipei is a bustling metropolis with endless restaurants, shopping malls, and night markets. But what is it like for a white man living there? To find out, this article will explore the experience of being a white guy in Taiwan and discuss how Taiwanese people view foreigners, as well as the ways that Taiwanese girls show interest.

Are Taiwanese Friendly to Foreigners?

When it comes to being friendly to foreigners, most locals are very welcoming. From English-speaking cab drivers to helpful shopkeepers, most locals are more than happy to lend a hand when you need help. For example, when I was lost during an evening walk through Taipei’s Ximending district, I received multiple offers from taxi drivers who wanted to help me find my way home. It’s not just shopkeepers and taxi drivers who make life easier for ex-pats either—your average everyday Taiwanese person can be just as helpful too.

this is what its like for a white guy in taipei

Whether it’s helping you locate the nearest train station or offering advice on where to find the best food near your hotel, everyone seems willing to help out foreign visitors. In addition to hospitality from strangers on the street, many Taiwanese families open their homes up to ex-pats too. While visiting my cousin in Taichung recently, I had the pleasure of staying with her family. They welcomed me into their home with open arms and even went out of their way to cater delicious meals during my stay.

How Do Taiwanese Girls Show Interest?

If you’re looking for love while living in Taiwan, then it’s good news—Taiwanese girls can often be quite forward when they’re interested in someone! Unlike many other cultures where body language is subtle and difficult to read, Taiwanese women tend not to be shy about expressing interest in someone they like because they understand that verbalizing one’s feelings shouldn’t always be seen as taboo or embarrassing. Common signs that a girl may be interested include frequent texting or calling (even late at night!), asking personal questions such as your hobbies or favorite movies/music/foods, and sending gifts on special occasions such as birthdays or holidays along with inviting you out for coffee or dinner dates regularly. If she does these things, then chances are she’s into you! That said, though, not all girls will display all these behaviors, so do keep an eye out for any signs of interest, regardless of how big or small they might appear at first glance!

Reviews Of White Guys Dating In Taipei

So, according to reviews, this is what it’s like for a white guy in Taipei:

  • “I had a great experience dating in Taipei! Taiwanese people are very welcoming and friendly, and the girls I met were open to expressing interest when they liked me. It was easy to build meaningful connections with people here, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for love abroad.” 
  • “Dating in Taipei is an exciting experience! Everyone is so hospitable, and there are plenty of opportunities to meet someone special. Taiwanese girls are often willing to make the first move which makes it easier for foreign guys like me to find somebody interesting!” 
  • “Taiwan is a great place for white guys who want to date. The locals are incredibly kind and accommodating, plus it’s easy to start conversations with potential partners since the language barrier isn’t as big of an issue as in some other countries.”

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So, this is what it’s like for a white guy in Taipei? Life as a white foreigner in Taiwan is generally quite pleasant since most locals are friendly toward those from other countries, and culture differences don’t typically present major problems between different groups of people here, either. As far as finding romance goes – it’s definitely possible too; many Taiwanese girls have no qualms about expressing their feelings if they’re into someone, which should provide some encouragement if you happen (or hope!) to meet someone special while living abroad!

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