Dating South Korean Women: How to Find Women in South Korea

Updated on Feb 2023

Besides being a popular destination for travelers and Asia lovers, South Korea is famous for its female population. South Korean women are considered one of the most beautiful and extremely loved by Western men.

How do you meet women in South Korea? Why are they worth choosing? These are just a few questions we answer in this article. Keep with us to find out everything about beauty in Korea.

Popular citiesSeoul
% of South Korean Women prefer foreigners89
Popular dating sitesKorean Cupid

Examples of Profiles of Single Korea Women Who Use Dating Sites

Min 24 y.o.
Fang 29 y.o.
Xiu 26 y.o.
Aki 27 y.o.
Himari 25 y.o.
Aiko 28 y.o.

What Makes South Korean Women So Damn Attractive?

It is impossible to imagine people who have never heard about South Korean women and their beauty. After the rapid increase in k-pop popularity, the ladies from Korea became one of the trend-setters and highly desirable by foreign men. Why are girls from this country so attractive? Let’s find out their best characteristics.

Examples of Profiles of Single South Korean Women Who Use Dating Sites
Si-U 24 y.o.
Ye-jun 26 y.o.
I-Jun 23 y.o.

Mesmerizing Beauty

It is not surprising that the appearance of the beautiful South Korean girls is the first reason for their popularity. These women possess pure Asian beauty and its beat features. They fascinate people with delicate facial features, perfect bodies, and dark hair that look amazing in contrast with fair skin.

The thing that makes locals unique is South Korean women love for changes and experiments in fashion and beauty. A well-known fact is that millions of fans all over the world try to copy the style of local idols. Diversity of hairstyles, wonderful makeup, and a great sense of style are what distinguish these ladies from others.

In a chase for ideal beauty, a lot of girls in Korea agreed to do everything from hard workouts to plastic surgeries. Also, South Korean women are obsessed with makeup and a skincare routine, which also help them be beautiful till very old age.

South Korea Women

Femininity and Kindness

Not only does beauty make people from this country so attractive. They are possessors of different nice personality traits too. One of the traits that conquer most men is South Korean women femininity. Due to the influence of culture, girls in Korea have all qualities that describe a woman from ancient times.

Kindness, modesty, sincerity, and empathy are what make South Korean ladies look so elegant and feminine. Any local woman is always honest about her feelings and good-mannered. The mixture of perfect appearance and mild temper is what makes them bewitching.

In relationships, a local girl is usually very supportive and thoughtful with a boyfriend and lets him lead. However, it doesn’t mean that these women are always submissive. They are pretty emotional and straightforward with a partner.


Besides beauty and great personality, there is another attractive thing in local ladies. They are smart and work hard to achieve their goals. It is common for many women in Korea to work a full-time job even after marriage. This fact also makes beautiful South Korean women perfect wives, as they wouldn’t expect a husband to provide them with everything. These women combine work, house chores, and upbringing children and still live a happy family life.

They are interesting conversationalists and it is never boring to spend time with Koreans. If you’re looking for Asian women who are not only good-looking but smart, dating South Korean girls is the best solution for you.

How to Date South Korean Women: Tips & Advice

Dating in South Korea as a foreigner may seem hard due to cultural differences and the reserved nature of local women. But we can assure you that the only thing you need for success in dating a South Korean girl is to know the dating culture of her country and be honest with her and yourself. Here are some best tips that will help you to impress a local woman.

  • The best place to visit for a date is a Korean restaurant. South Korean beautiful women are big lovers of their national food and cozy cafes or restaurants. In South Korea dating culture it is extremely popular to spend time together eating street food or in fancy restaurants.
  • Be honest and open with her. South Korean girls dating someone they really love are always honest and will expect the same from you. If you use dating services, try to make a video call, as it is the best way to see your partner’s emotions and attitude.
  • Agree if she invites you to meet her parents. Family is a priority for Korean women and they respect them more than anyone else. When you meet South Korean women, be ready that at an early stage of your relationship they will ask you to meet their parents. If your girlfriend’s parents love you, she would be extremely happy.
  • Don’t forget about your couple’s anniversaries. It is very important to remember your special date, as it shows how much you love your girl. Even married couples in Korea still follow this South Korean dating tradition. If you will notice any of your anniversaries and brings a small gift to

How to Know If a South Korean Woman Likes You

Understanding South Korean women and their feelings might be difficult sometimes, as they always hide their affection at the start of relationships. For what signs do you need to search for her behavior, messages, and gestures? Read the list below and you will understand that it is actually easy to find out that your potential South Korean girlfriend likes you.

  • She is very emotional and excited around you. Once single South Korean women fall in love with someone, their behavior changes. They are not good at hiding their feelings and you will definitely see it. Watch your Seoul Korea girl, and if she is sometimes overexcited or reacts emotionally to you, these are good signs.
  • She starts ghosting you at some point. Dating South Korean woman, be ready that at the start of your relationship she can ghost you. But don’t worry, she will come back, it is just another sign she likes you and wants to see your reaction.
  • She asks you a lot of questions ( usually very personal). For foreign guys, such intense questioning by South Korean single women can be very surprising. It is all fun and games until you become annoyed with her constant questions. However, it will end once you both become an official couple and it means she is really into you.
dating south korean women

Dating in South Korea: Western Women VS South Korean Women

It is obvious that there is a difference between foreign women and women from this country, especially talking about Western countries. The influence of different cultures and societies is the main reason for the differences between foreigners’ and Koreans’ habits, personalities, and mindsets. Let’s take a look at the main characteristics of both, Western and South Korean women. We are sure that it will help you to understand what to expect from a relationship with a local Asian lady.

Western WomenSouth Korean Women
Don’t dress up on an everyday basis. Prefer to look natural and wear comfortable outfitsDress up every day and wear makeup for any occasion. Keep up with fashion trends and like makeup
Don’t pay a lot of attention to the social status and age of people they talk to.Age and social status affect communication a lot, as it is an important aspect of their culture
More into equality of partners in relationships. Foreign young girls are not over-feminine and emotionalDating South Korean women means leading a couple, but still, cherishing your girl and spoiling her with compliments and gifts,
Family-oriented, can easily leave far away from parents and don’t visit them frequently.Moving to other countries, South Korean women need to regularly visit their relatives in Korea (which doesn’t apply to a South Korean American girlfriend)

What is the Difference Between a Korean Woman and an American Woman?

One of the most significant differences that Asian and Western women have is accepting their femininity. Korean women know that they are weaker than men, they enjoy serving men, looking after kids, they allow men to lead, and they are soft and sweet. American women follow the feminist trend, which makes them less attractive to men who are interested in creating a family.

Another big difference between the two is when you start dating Korean girls, you understand they do not play games. Dating for them is the opportunity to meet handsome and genuine men for long-term relationships. Western women enjoy playing games like waiting for a guy’s call, not answering his calls or messages, and checking how serious he is. Asian girls would never do it as they respect men and want to genuinely date them.

Asian girls are honest. They talk about their feelings, and they say what they want. They allow men to understand what kind of relationship they would like to have, so it is clear and not confusing. American ladies often hide their feelings because of their egos and lie to look stronger and smarter.

find a beautiful Korean girl

Korean mail order brides are easy to get. Meeting a local girl for a few dates will be enough to make her your girlfriend. However, a Western woman will make you chase her for months or even longer. American women have pride and want men to work hard to get them. So, you will avoid all this drama by dating Korean singles.

Korean ladies are very giving. They dedicate all their time to their loved ones. They care for people they love and respect. A Korean wife will not only care for you but your elderly parents. Asian women respect older people as they always remember – they gave them or their loved ones life. So, with a Korean mail order bride, you know that your parents are in safe hands. Western women are not very reliable, and they would rather suggest you send your elderly parents to older adults home.

And just before we end our article, we will say that hot Korean women will do anything to please a man. Asian girls are known for being amazing lovers. They know secrets on how to please a man and make him the happiest in the world. Being married to a stunning South Korean, will make your life a pure joy.

Why Do Westerners Want to Meet Korean Women?

Our review is dedicated to dating Korean women; we should start with why many foreign guys want to date these ladies. They must have attractive characteristics that draw Western men’s attention. Well, this is what we are going to discover in this part of the review. Beautiful Korean women are famous for their family-focused approach, respect for men, and warm hearts. Let’s review local girls’ characteristics in detail.


Like all Asian women, South Korean brides value family a lot. These girls dream of finding a perfect man for marriage, having a nice wedding, and having at least a few kids. The close family ties may seem unhealthy to the American people. However, this is exactly what attracts Western men. Many men struggle with finding reliable women who strive to create a family. They want a happy married life and wives who would care for them.

Respectful to Men

Asian women are known for being polite, respectful, and shy. When you meet Korean women, you will be surprised by how respectful they are. They never swear, shout or offend people they are talking to. So many Westerners say they feel comfortable around Korean brides. Marrying a lady who has good manners is a significant advantage.


If you are interested in picking up Korean girls, you will be surprised to know that local brides are romantic and passionate. Asian women enjoy holding hands, snuggling, and making surprises. Western men who meet Korean girls are surprised by how soft and sweet these ladies are as they are the complete opposite of Western girls.

meet korean women

Great Cooks

When you meet Korean girl online, you will undoubtedly know that they are good-looking, polite, and kind. However, you need to be lucky to find out what great cooks they are. Asian brides are passionate about cooking, so marrying a lady from Korea will guarantee delicious meals every day. Korean women are excellent housewives who enjoy keeping the house clean and have freshly cooked meals served for their loved ones.


When you meet Korean women, you will be impressed by how compassionate these women are. They never stay indifferent to other people’s problems. They make great friends and life partners. You can always count on them and know they will never mistreat you. Local brides have big hearts filled with love for all people. You will sense it when you are around them.

After reading through all these positive characteristics, you have probably become more interested in meeting South Korean girls. In the following paragraphs, you will find where and how you can get acquainted with Western women.

Where to Meet Korean Girls?

How about visiting South Korea? You will have a fantastic experience visiting a country that is so different from the West. You will meet new people, try new food and learn how local people live. However, this idea does not suit every man who wants to marry an Asian woman. Not every guy has an opportunity to leave his job and relocate to another country.

Even in contemporary Korea, not all people speak English and understand Western сulture. Local people have their unique traditions and dating rules which you may not be prepared to. This is why the majority of single Western guys choose online dating. There is a great selection of mail order bride services to meet Korean women. Popular dating sites have all the necessary features to help you find the right woman and build a serious relationship from a distance.

Our Guide on Meeting Korean Girls

Read our instructions below and find out how to start using dating services for the best results:

  • The very first thing you should do is to find a safe and reliable Korean dating app or site. There are numerous reviews that name and describe top Asian dating platforms worth visiting. Go for websites and apps with a good reputation, affordable prices, and verified users’ profiles.
  • Remember that Korean dating culture differs from Western dating culture, so you need to be open-minded and patient. For example, Asian women do not like the idea of hookups and one-night stands. You may be disappointed to read this, but actually, it shows that these women have good moral norms. They seek serious relationships and are more interested in exploring men’s characteristics than how they are in bed.
  • To meet women who suit your requirements, head to a dating site or app and use an extended search. Using comprehensive search tools, you will find a beautiful Korean girl of the appropriate age who has never been married before and does not have kids( if these two criteria are important for you) and have similar interests.
  • If you want to succeed in dating a Korean bride, you must be persistent. Local brides are quiet and shy. So, they expect men to make the first step. If you decide to search for your future girlfriend on the Internet, you must be active on a dating site. Send messages first, ask questions and show them your interests.
  • Family is what South Korean women can talk about non-stop. These ladies usually have big families and enjoy talking about their parents, siblings, and how they see their own family in the future. By talking about family, you will find out how kind, warm-hearted and caring local brides are. By telling a woman about your family, you will gain her girl’s trust.
  • Do not make a Korean woman wait too long. Unlike in the west, where people date for decades and sometimes do not even get married when they become parents, in Asia, there is not a dating culture. The local dating culture means meeting a few times, meeting your partner’s parents, and arranging a date. Even though not all Korean women follow these conservative traditions, they still expect a man to propose after a few months of dating.

We hope that this information was useful and helped you understand more about Korean girls. Remember these tips, and your chance of succeeding is high.

Things to know before dating South Korean Women

There are key moments the Western men have to know before deciding to ask Korean women for a date.

  1. How Koreans meet each other in South Korea;
  2. Do Korean women pay for the bill?
  3. Is it ok for girls from Korea to show affection in public?
  4. About Korean Dating Culture.


South Korean dating culture is quite different from other countries. The girls here are beautiful, feminine, and emotional. South Korean women dating a man they love, would feel excited about being around him and show it with obvious signs like putting a head on the man’s shoulder or asking him personal questions. Whether your goal is just international dating or marrying a Korean woman, follow our tips and you will succeed.


How to Meet Women in South Korea?

If you are a foreign man, the best way to meet Koreans is to use dating apps. Koreans love to date people online and there are a lot of reliable platforms where there are many single South Koreans. The most popular apps are Amanda, Tinder, Wippy, and Azar.

What Are South Korean Women Like?

A typical South Korean woman has dark hair, delicate facial features, and a slim figure. Most Koreans aim to fin on the beauty standards and keep up with fashion. You can frequently meet girls from Korea who experiment with their hair color, style, and makeup.

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