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The Eastern world attracts men with its mystery and traditions. From ancient times before the emergence of dating sites, it was Oriental mail order wives who were the first to create international marriages. Why do the majority of Western men adore Oriental girls? Is it only because of charming faces? And how do Asian wives treat American men? Learn more about the girls who enchanted the whole world with their beauty in our article.

Why Do Oriental Brides Choose Foreigners?

Many factors motivate Oriental girls to seek a husband from abroad. Most of the reasons relate to the stable financial position of Western males. But still, many other more complicated problems increase the number of marriage on Asian mail order bride.

  • Asians experience a high level of unemployment and inflation. As Asia is an overpopulated area, people lack opportunities to live in good conditions. Employment is the most challenging problem and many workers can’t find a job during many years.
  • Foreign men are more open-minded. They know how to show interest in a Asian girl. Western husbands accept a divorce or previous relationships while Eastern males follow principles and stereotypes.
  • International marriage is a good chance to go abroad. Traveling is quite a challenge when you live in the East. As the BBC states, 70% of Oriental travelers go abroad due to business reasons. But for Asian brides who want to explore a new culture, it is almost impossible.
  • Eastern females seek gender equality. In the West all genders are equal. But in Asia, men are the main ones in the family. That is why Asian mail order wife travel abroad with a desire to have equal opportunities.

What Are Pluses And Minuses Of Dating Oriental Women For Marriage?

Pros Cons
Asian wives are not picky. These wives don’t expect a Prince Charming who will do everything. If you can provide for the family, you will already have an advantage. Asian wives don’t like spontaneous events. They would prefer to stay at home and do the usual things to go somewhere without preparation. It is not typical for American men who like to improvise.
Hot Oriental women can also earn money. Don’t be afraid that your Asian wife will do nothing. These women are very hard-working. They are very ambitious and full of determination. Not all wives know English. And this is a real challenge. You may even hire a translator at first and then teach her English.
Oriental mail order wives know how to spend money wisely. They are not shopaholics and they can properly handle a budget. Marrying an Oriental woman means marrying her family as well. Family members in Asia have a very close relationship. They spend a lot of time together, share all the news and several generations even live under the same roof.
These ladies are very good at cooking. You will never be hungry with an Oriental mail order bride. But you should love Asian cuisine to show respect to her. Local wives are very caring. They always worry about their husbands and they may be overprotective.
Local wives respect their husbands. These wives will not point out to you your imperfections, because, in Eastern families, the family is the highest value. Oriental wives are very slow when it comes to dating. Don’t expect your girlfriend to conquer within days. She will think about a serious relationship for a long time and you should be patient.

Oriental Wives

How Do Oriental Mail Order Brides Look Like?

They are perfect. All Asian girls have a charming appearance. They have dark hair, very light skin tone, short stature, and a thin figure. Here are the secrets why Eastern mail order wives are so popular:

  • They are natural. Asian girlfriend love simplicity in everything: clothes, make-up, hairstyle. Their main goal is to emphasize their uniqueness and correct their shortcomings.
  • They take great care of their skin. It is not a secret that in Asian countries people use the most advanced cosmetology. Oriental wives tend to look young despite their age. They have a long and complicated skincare routine and many of them do plastic surgeries.
  • They are slender. Asian ladies think a lot about their body shape. Many wives keep dieting to not gain extra pounds.

What Are Oriental Women Character Traits?

Women from Asia follow high moral standards. They are very calm. Don’t expect loud quarrels and conflicts from them. An Asian lady knows how to manage her emotions and how to avoid misunderstanding. Women from the Eastern world are modest and shy. They will never show off because they are well-mannered. But these traits will not affect communication in any way. Oriental beauties have a good sense of humor and good intuition. Asians follow great family values. They respect older relatives and help younger ones to settle down.

Can I Meet Beautiful Oriental Brides On The Internet?

Dating asian women online services are the perfect place to seek Oriental wives. There you can find perfect matches within minutes. When you visit such a platform, you save your time. Thousands of Eastern wives are waiting for foreign partners. There is no need to worry about the first steps. Asian wives will even write to you. Choose your best platform from the list below.

Top List Of Asian Bride Dating Sites

Site Description
DateAsianWoman A huge website with many hot Oriental girls. You can try its Premium Membership for free for 1 month.
AsiaMe A very popular Eastern dating service with a great reputation. It is a community of people who believe in love without borders.
DateNiceAsian The most recognizable service. There are a lot of exotic real girls that are not hard to conquer.
CuteAsianWomen The site has a high level of security. Its main purpose is to provide members with all necessary staff for successful dating.
EasternHoneys The platform is full of girls from every Asian country. It has a strong verification process and all girls are real.

What To Pay Attention To While Choosing An Asian Dating Platform?

All websites have their advantages and drawbacks. And you should try several platforms to get your own experience with dating oriental woman. Here are the crucial features every good marriage agency has:

  • Conversation tools. All relationships start with communication. It is essential to always be in touch with a girlfriend. A good website should provide you with the following options: chat, video chat, private session, photo and video gallery, voice messages, virtual gifts, and so on.
  • Real profiles. What if you chat with a mail order bride, fall in love with her and a girl turns out to be fake. This is very disappointing. That is why a good dating platform should be very attentive to all users.
  • Mobile version. As you are far away from each other, you should be communicating 24/7. And a mobile app is more usable for everyday chat than a website.
  • Transparent policy. The site should have transparent rules. Trust the site’s reputation and members’ testimonials. Read some reviews to be sure you are searching in the right place.
  • Security. It is the most important factor. Since you register on the site, you write your info and when you buy a membership you write your billing details. Your date should not be visible to other members and the site should be very attentive to that.
  • No risk. As you are looking for a bride, it is very important to feel safe. There are many cases when people use mail order brides dating sites to scam others. A good marriage agency guarantees the complete safety of your personal information and your future bride.

Oriental Women

What Are The Most Popular Countries To Look For Asian Mail Order Brides?

Asia is a very diverse area. Every country has unique traditions and values. Which country is the best to choose? How to find the right one? Read about the countries where hot Oriental bride comes from.


China is the motherland of the most popular mail order wives. Couples of American men and Chinese women in most cases are very successful and long-lasting. Needless to say, we all know a happy couple of Mark Zuckerberg and his Chinese girlfriend Priscilla Chan. Local mail order brides are clever and wise.


In Japan, women care a lot about how to be beautiful despite their age. Japan is the country with the most developed branch of cosmetology and Oriental brides successfully use it. Local girls follow ancient traditions about gender roles. Men are always the main ones in Japanese families.


Vietnam mail order wives have strong family values. Sometimes Oriental wives sacrifice their interests for the sake of the family. They are very family-orientated. If you marry a girl from Vietnam, you will always have the best dishes and the best care. These women are very loyal to their husbands. They will adore their husbands and do their best to make the marriage happy.


Mail order wives from the Philippines are one of the first who supported this industry in ancient times. The majority of Phillipo wives know English and it will not be difficult to communicate with them. They have more cultural similarities with the Western nationalities. The Philippines is a developing country with low financial security. Local women dream about foreigners who will somehow make their life easier.


Thailand is a very exotic country with very kind people. If your goal is to find a positive and lovely Oriental bride then you should think about choosing a Thai mail order bride. These females are warm-hearted and easy-going. You will not feel awkward while communicating with Thai girls as they are sincere and broad-minded.


Korean mail order wives are smart and well-educated. There are a lot of strict rules about family institutions in Korea. Women should be very intelligent and respectful to their soul mates otherwise they will stay alone. Korean females care a lot about education and career. It is a great honor for a local woman to handle home duties and work responsibilities.

Oriental Wedding: Traditions of Asian Women

Oriental wedding is a kind of art. You will not see such traditional values anywhere. Asians use many symbols and rituals to make the life of the newlyweds long and happy. And if you plan to marry an Oriental mail order bride, learn some wedding traditions:

  • The betrothal. Before the wedding, a groom should present traditional gifts to the bride’s family. The gifts are wine, brandy, tea leaves, wax candles, gold, and so on. A girl’s parents will return half of the gifts to show a good attitude to the future son-in-law.
  • Planning a wedding. Asians believe that the wedding date can predict the future of the couple. Oriental brides for marriage turn to magicians to choose a lucky date.
  • Preparing a bed. A bride’s relatives wear a bed in red colors and decorate it with fruits and nuts. No one can sit there before the newlyweds come back home together.
  • Testing a groom. At the wedding festival, the groom should pass a test to win the trust of the bride’s parents. It can be eating something disgusting, or knowing the facts about the bride, or testing for pain.


Asian wives have a great reputation for creating international families. They are extremely beautiful, respectful, and intelligent. Oriental brides are active members of dating sites. There you can find Oriental beauty ready to marry you and move to you. Don’t hesitate to write to an Asian woman and she may be your future bride.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Meet Oriental Singles?

Oriental ladies support the idea of online dating. You can choose a suitable site and easily meet Asian women. Eastern girls are very open and they can even write to you first.

Why Do Oriental Girls Want To Date Foreign Men?

Many Asians experience unemployment and malnutrition. Women should always obey their men and dedicate their life to a family. They don’t have the freedom in traveling and making decisions. That is why Oriental brides dream of marrying foreigners.

How Do You Get An Oriental Bride?

Oriental women are not very picky. They look for stability. If you are a well-mannered man with the ability to provide for a family you can easily conquer Asian ladies. You should also be honest with her. Females from the East are looking for serious relationships and not for fun.