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Updated on Mar 2023

Oriental Brides – Marry Asian Women Online

As you can guess, Asian brides are charming ladies from Asian countries who are looking for a husband abroad. Asian women are beautiful, intelligent, and very traditional. However, despite their best efforts, they haven’t been able to find a worthy husband in their home country.

Why is that the case? And how can you find a stunning Asian beauty for marriage? Read on to learn the answers to these questions and more.

What Are Asian Brides Like?

You could find out just by looking at them at any Asian mail order brides site. Can you see the difference between a Western girl and an Asian girl? There are many superficial differences: skin, figure, body, eyes, hair, face, etc. Even looking at these girls walking along the street, you have to compliment them on their light, graceful figures. But this is only the visible side. What about their qualities? This is the most important factor for a Western man who wants to know about a hot Asian woman.

Asian Women Are Candid

These ladies know that honesty is the best policy. Unfaithfulness is just not an option for them. If something doesn’t work out, they’ll do everything they can to make it right. And if it’s impossible, they’ll just tell you as it is and leave. For many Asian men, unfaithfulness is normal. For example, in Japanese society, it’s a part of local culture.

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Asian Women Are Dependable

Asian culture dictates that all things that come your way should be accepted as they are. This is why ladies from Asia often go with the flow rather than fight the circumstances. Sometimes, to the point where they’d rather pretend they don’t see a problem than face it. This makes them incredibly patient, calm, and forgiving.

Motherhood Means a Great Deal to Them

Beautiful Asian girls adore kids and are excited about the idea of becoming mothers. Unfortunately, in many Asian countries, they simply can’t afford to have many children. In China, parents are not allowed to have multiple kids. In Japan, parenthood is an expensive business. Despite all this, Asian ladies still very much want to have a full family and are prepared to do anything for it.

Asian Girls Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle

Did you know that Japanese people have the lowest obesity rate in the world? Because the Asian diet includes a lot of healthy foods such as fish and seafood, Asian people tend to be much healthier than Westerners. And you can be sure that your Asian girlfriend will take special care of your health too. She’ll motivate you to eat better and work out, which will make you a happier couple!

Asian Women vs Western Women

As we all know, there’s a tendency among Western women to prove they are as strong as men. Asian ladies don’t have this need to prove they are stronger, They are completely comfortable being as they are: graceful and fragile, and incredibly feminine. Curiously enough, they manage to be strong-willed and purposeful at the same time. Let’s see how Oriental ladies differ from the Western ones:

  • Real Asian women are much more submissive than other women. Living in fast-growing economies, they can work harder and take more responsibility for themselves and their families. They have learned the culture of the West and can act as Western ladies in certain things. However, they remain more submissive and tolerant to their husbands.
  • Femininity is the best quality of hot Asian ladies that they embrace and nurture. This is one of the cultural traits of Asian cultures to encourage a more feminine and softer approach to men. In general, Asian women always try to be more feminine while Western ladies try to be more masculine.
  • They do not like conflicts or arguments with their husbands or boyfriends because they strive for complete harmony in their lives. Asian ladies are non-confrontational in dealing with their husbands.
  • While Asian women can be successful in their careers, they are still sweet, caring and patient women at home. They are willing to do the household chores and like to serve their husband. They do it out of love, not because they are dependent.

Asian Women: Wedding Traditions

In Asia, couples say yes to each other too but the ceremony looks a little different than in Western countries. Tradition and customs still play a big role here, even if many weddings are “Westernized”.

For example, the wedding date is conjured up by a fortune teller, and the so-called wedding room is richly decorated. On the day of the wedding, the groom has to overcome some hurdles before he is allowed to see the bride. She is hidden by her relatives and the groom has to search for her. This brings fun and good humor to the wedding party and makes getting married a pure pleasure.

In Western countries, it’s not unusual for the bride and groom to receive gifts. But in Asia, the guests also receive gifts from the bride and groom. In Japan, it’s particularly important that these are individual gifts, while in China it’s tea, dates, and lotus seeds. To give the bride and groom a fresh start in their marriage, a ritual cleansing is performed by the priest at a Japanese wedding ceremony.


In China, the soon-to-be-wed couple must bow at the altar and burn a few paper banknotes. A large fireworks display is a wedding staple in China. It’s not uncommon for entire monthly salaries to be spent on this. The number of guests is usually huge so they often hire a wedding planner.

The bride wears multiple gowns of various colors on the wedding day. However, the last one must always be red to summon happiness into married life.


When it comes to this country, the color the bride wears is purple. During a traditional wedding ceremony, she’ll wear an elaborately embroidered purple kimono. These traditional ceremonies are usually very expensive. So much so that many brides rent a wedding kimono rather than buy it.

asian beautiful woman


Korean brides and grooms visit a fortune teller to learn if they are in for a happy marriage.

Families of both parties usually play a tremendous role. Until a man officially asks his lady to marry him, their parents might not acknowledge their relationship at all.

The ceremony itself doesn’t last long. There’s a wedding dinner but nothing excessively pompous. And yet, Korean weddings make the newlyweds and their families pay a hefty price. If it’s a more Westernized wedding, they rent a white dress. If it’s traditional, they buy the outfit. The bride and the groom usually hope that the cost of the wedding will be covered by the money their guests give them.

How Much Does an Asian Bride Cost?

When dating a beautiful lady from Asia, all you think about is romance and love. However, one can’t disregard the financial side of the matter.

It should be noted that we in no way are going to talk about the actual sale of Asian brides. By the cost of brides from Asia, we mean the money you spend on traveling and dating.

There are normally two items of budget to mention: the cost of the dating service you use to meet your future wife online and the cost of meeting her/dating her in person.

Membership on a reputable dating site will cost you around $300-400 per year. It might cost less or more based on what your budget is.

  • The return plane tickets will cost $900-$2,000 on average. It depends on where exactly you go and what kind of paperwork you have to do to get there.
  • If you don’t speak the language, you might want to include translation services in your budget. It’s usually $20-25 per hour.
  • The overall dating experience (dining at restaurants, buying gifts, traveling together inside the country) might cost up to $3,000 depending on the local prices.

Keep in mind that all of the prices above are approximate. Do your own research on the Asian country you want to visit to make a more accurate estimation.

Average Price of Asian Brides by Country

All in all, your experience of dating Asian women might cost at least $15.000 and go up from there. There are two many factors in play. They are, for example, the country you intend to visit, your financial capacity, and your future bride’s preferences.

Here’s a list of average prices of mail order Asain brides by country, ranked from the most expensive to the cheapest.


If you are after a more high-end expensive experience, then Japanese women should be your choice. Odds are you’ll have to spend quite a bit to date a lady in Japan. However, a beautiful Japanese wife is very much worth it.

  • A return plane ticket might cost you anything between $800 and $3000 depending on where you live.
  • Using a dating platform will be $400-1,200 per year on average.

In general, you’ll have to spend around $10,000-50,000 (including the wedding costs).

The Philippines

Filipinas are probably among the most cost-effective brides out there which also explains why they are in such high demand among Western men.

  • You can buy plane tickets for $500 or less. A visa is required but you can get it fast for around $20-50.
  • Many Filipinas speak good English so no translation services will be required. This is a huge plus.
  • Overall dating costs will probably not be more than $1,000-2,000.

All in all, you’ll probably have to pay around $15,000 to take your beautiful Filipina home.

asia girl


Chinese girls go next and they are not nearly as expensive as Japanese. Of course, the cost also depends on where your lady is from (a large city or rural area).

  • The cost of a mail order bride site is around $1,000 per year.
  • The airfare will cost you around $900-1,200.

The entire experience plus making your relationship official will cost around $10,000.


Thailand is one of the most popular destinations. Thai wives are among the most popular Asian mail order wives. This is partly due to the fact that dating a Thai woman is quite cost-effective.

  • A return plane ticket might cost you as little as $600.
  • Accommodation in a decent hotel will cost $30 on average.

Overall, a Thai wife will cost you around $5,000.

List of Countries to Find Asian Women

One thing to remember is that Asia is a huge continent with almost 50 countries. There is a multitude of Asian cultures, languages, and historical backgrounds. It would be extremely wrong to think that all Asian singles are the same. Here is a list of Asian countries with the most popular Asian mail order brides.


In China, the one-child policy of the Chinese government has had serious consequences on the male/female ratio in the country. Thus, there are 40 million more men than women. As a result, girls have adopted a specific Chinese woman mentality.

Among Chinese women, there’s a kind of admiration for people who come from Europe and the United States. For some girls, it’s a kind of chance to leave their country and have a better life. However, this only applies to poor and middle-class girls. A rich Chinese girl who lives in China won’t wish to be an Asian mail order wife, and those who want a foreigner will come and get him in the country they want on their own.


In Thailand, the concept of jealousy does not exist, it’s not part of the Thai female mentality. Asian brides for marriage will never try to compare themselves to others. Each one of them has her own life and is happy with what she’s got, even if sometimes they don’t have much. Thailand is still a developing country so you have a chance to impress your potential bride.

The Philippines

In the Philippines, family is something very important. And when we talk about family, we don’t just mean the 10 siblings your potential Filipino bride probably has. Uncles and aunts, cousins, nephews, and nieces are also included.

If you want to marry a Filipina, you must be aware that you don’t just get the woman; you’ll also get her family. You’ll have people in your home all the time and it will be hard to find privacy. This is a concept that Filipinos are not really familiar with.

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Japanese women need a man who will listen to them and help them with their careers. This is something that’s important for girls in this country. Indeed, work is an essential component of life for people in Japan.

During the year, workers are only entitled to 2 weeks off and it’s not uncommon for managers to force their employees to take a vacation. Japanese women want men who are ambitious and proactive. Without this, it will be almost impossible to please them.

However, some Japanese girls are also attracted to men from different cultures. It’s also quite easy to find them on this international dating site or another.

South Korea

South Korea, which enjoys the freedoms of a democratic and pro-western society, has a population of about one million immigrants, of which just over 50% are Chinese.

Good manners are imperative in the country. It’s important to be a perfect gentleman. Always open the door for Korean ladies. Pull the chair back for her and move the chair forward when she starts to sit down. The South Korean girl you are trying to marry will expect you to pay for everything you offer her (coffee, food, taxi, etc.). So make sure you have enough money before you invite her for the evening.

Because of their innate politeness, these women are very good at hiding their emotions. Complaining about something (anything) is frowned upon and considered rude, which often makes it difficult to get feedback.


Indonesia is officially a Muslim country with the largest population of Muslims in the world. However, the country can be described as being quite liberal in the practice of Islam, much like Turkey.

Marrying an Asian girl from Indonesia will nevertheless be harder than marrying women from other Asian countries. The simple reason is that Islam still has a fairly important place in the mentality of the locals.

Generally, your Indonesian bride will always look for a serious relationship as casual dating is frowned upon here.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan level of literacy is one of the highest in Asia. Ladies here are incredibly spiritual and put a high value on natural exotic beauty. You will rarely see a local woman with her hair cut short. Single Asian brides from Sri Lanka take good care of their long, lustrous hair. Buddhism is a prevalent religion here with around 70% of the population being devout Buddhists. This explains Asian women’s mild, friendly character without a sliver of malice or meanness.


Because Vietnam is a former French colony, there is a non-negligible Vietnamese diaspora in France. It’s, therefore, necessary to make a difference between women who grew up in France and those who spent most of their lives in Vietnam. The Vietnamese woman mentality will be very different depending on whether you consider one or the other option.

The girls with Vietnamese origins who live in France will most likely have adopted at least part of the French women’s mentality. Even if they have Vietnamese parents, their way of thinking will be very different from girls still living in Vietnam. The latter is very open though somewhat shy and usually quite interested in foreign men.


On paper, the country is officially Muslim. In practice, it can be considered moderately religious. This means that getting a Malaysian bride shouldn’t be problematic for any Western man. However, you should keep in mind that the majority of Asian women here are looking for serious relationships and not casual dating.


This is a small country with a population of just above 17 million. Due to the country’s difficult past, it has one of the youngest populations in the world. About 50% of people living here are under 22. This means there are lots of young women in search of a decent man and a better life.

Do Asian Women Make Good Wives for Foreigners?

Most Asian women care about their partners and families. They work hard, they always take good care of the household. That’s why these ladies attract Western guys. The language they use to talk to their man is so sweet. A cute Asian woman wants to prove to her man that she is, first and foremost, a woman. She wants him to be happy and proud to have a good wife like her. She wants to protect him, take care of him, and love him. These are the most beautiful qualities that hot Asian women have.

asian beautiful business woman

These ladies place great importance on relationships and marriage. They are faithful to their husbands. They don’t do anything that will harm their marriage. An Asian girl will stand beside you no matter what you do. Good times or hard times, she will help and support. Besides, Asian women are amazing housekeepers. They manage and organize the household very well.

Why Do Asian Girls Want to Find Foreign Husbands?

Western men have a great reputation around the world for being faithful and good providers. Obviously, this is not true for all Westerners, but compared to local men, this is very true. Because Asian women are so family-oriented, they also look to foreign men to provide a better life and opportunities for their children.

Here are a few other reasons to mention.

  • In the minds of Asian women, foreign men are richer, and marrying them implies a more affluent life. The majority of Asian men are not rich or even poor. So finding a foreign husband would be more secure for the future.
  • Asia today is always looking to attract foreign investors and almost anything from abroad is adored. Marrying a foreign man is naturally assimilated as a rise in social status.
  • Some Asian women want to marry a foreigner in order to travel to other countries. Indeed, many Asian people want to visit other countries but find few opportunities in their lives.
  • These ladies think that foreign men are more courteous. They often learn from movies that Westerners are very polite and gentle.
  • Marrying a foreigner is a good way for an Asian woman to satisfy her curiosity. Too familiar with local people and their lifestyle, they sometimes want some changes.
  • They prefer a lifestyle different from the majority of their compatriots. The habits and customs of foreigners can satisfy the needs of some of the Asian women.
  • By marrying a foreigner, some of the Asian women think that they will be placed on an equal footing with their husbands and will have more opportunities in the workplace. Indeed, many Asian people still have the idea that men are superior to Asian women.
  • Finally, a tiny part will want to marry a man from abroad in order to flee their country for various reasons of their own. Usually, it’s politics, pollution, family, or finances.

And in addition to all these points, love is an unavoidable factor that will often exceed these priorities.

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Marry an Asian Mail Order Bride

Clear skin, slim figure, younger appearance, large dark eyes, and elegant porcelain skin. A healthy lifestyle translates into amazing looks. Is there more than just what you see on the surface? Of course, there is. Here are the main reasons why you should get an Asian wife.

  1. One wonderful quality of these beauties that makes online dating with Asians so popular is their character. Western men are used to seeing strong independent Asian women obsessed with equality. But Asian wives bring other values — traditional values of the deeply patriarchal society.
  2. Asian mail order brides are known for being calm and humble. However, don’t mistake them for submissive and obedient. Although sexy oriental brides might be more reserved and shy, they know how to laugh and have a wonderful sense of humor.
  3. A big part of many Asian girls’ souls is in the intelligent expectations of a family. This cultural characteristic makes them the best wives. Men need to be with Korean brides, Chinese brides, Japanese women, and other Asian women for marriage because they dream of a large family circle where everyone has his or her own traditional role.

Mistakes to Avoid When You Want to Find an Asian Girl

When you are dating an Asian woman, there are things that you should definitely avoid doing or saying. If you commit certain blunders, it could directly make you lose all your chances with the girl. And obviously, this is not what you are looking for when you try to get an Asian bride.

Here are some things to avoid as much as possible when you are in the company of an Asian woman:

  • Telling her you have a thing for hot Asian girls. Even if you do, it’s a phrase she probably hears on every date. Try to be original and find something more interesting to say.
  • Trying to make her feel like a princess. In this case, it’s better to be macho than to come across as too nice. It’s not about being rude either, though. Try to find a good balance.
  • Addressing the stereotypes of Asian people. Don’t talk about Geishas, don’t say that everyone is named Chiang or that Asians have yellow skin. It’s something that might make you laugh with your buddies, but in front of an Asian person, it will be insulting.
  • Confusing her country with another. There are many countries in Asia. To say that all countries are the same is also an insult. Be careful about this when you meet Asian brides.
  • Being too shy or too reserved. Many Asian men find it hard to talk to girls, especially in a country like Japan. So be different, show that you are confident and not afraid to talk with Asian women.

How Do I Find an Asian Mail Order Bride? – Dating Asian Women Online

So what if you made the decision to date and marry a woman from an Asian country? What do you do next? Just like any man who asked these questions before, you have two main options: to start dating online or go straight to Asia to meet some women in person.

Traveling far away to meet Asian women is not for everyone. However, thanks to the internet, you can meet your Asian bride online. For this, all you have to do is find an online website that offers many Asian mail order brides.

asian beautiful girl

However, keep in mind that when dealing with these online services, some caution is required. Don’t just register on the first Asian dating site you find. Many of the mail order bride websites are of poor quality or require a subscription far too expensive. Even worse, some mail order bride sites can be fraudulent. Look for customer reviews and success stories that prove that whatever dating services you choose are completely legitimate. These dating platforms must have all the features that allow you to make sure the Asian women you are talking to are real. The best dating sites offer features like voice chat, phone/voice call, and others.

How Do I Find an Asian Mail Order Bride? – Meeting Asian Ladies in Person

But if Asian dating sites aren’t your thing and online dating doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry. There are many places apart from a dating service where you can get to know the most beautiful Asian women. Here are some of them:

  • In their country. This is the obvious option that might be quite expensive but will give you a great idea about the country’s women and dating culture.
  • Among your friends’ friends. It’s very likely that you have at least one acquaintance who has Asian friends. Do not hesitate to ask this person to act as an intermediary.
  • In bars and nightclubs that are popular with Asians. This works if you live in a big city. If you live in a small rural place in the middle of nowhere, this option will probably not be available to you.
  • University. There are a lot of exchange programs that allow Asians to come and study at Western universities. So don’t hesitate to go to your nearest campus and check it out.

We would still recommend starting with international dating sites before making the decision to travel to Asia.


Mail Order Asian Brides: Conclusion

Oriental brides often remain single well into their thirties and lose value in the eyes of their societies. They often find it difficult to date in their own country because local men don’t want to marry a woman who has a higher social status.

Many foreign men admire the elegant and soft-spoken nature that has become synonymous with most Asian brides. While these traits are attributed to Asian mail order brides, many Asian women are also career-driven and have successfully achieved financial independence without even getting married. We wish you good luck in finding amazing mail order Asian brides on dating websites or in real life.


Is there a language barrier?

In some Asian countries (like Japan or Thailand), the younger generation tends to speak better English than the older one. In the Philippines, the majority of people speak English fluently. However, in general, it would not be a great setback: English would not be the most difficult language for an Asian lady to learn.

Can I buy a beautiful Asian wife?

No, it would be illegal to just order Asian bride like a piece of furniture. But dating means paying for a dating service, which would be viable as well as legal. Other costs might include traveling, accommodation, buying gifts for your pretty Asian bride, etc. None of this, however, implies that you can buy a woman like this. No matter what, you must always be a perfect gentleman and show respect.

Do Asian women want to marry foreigners?

Yes, they do. The beautiful brides you see online on reputable mail order sites are genuine women in search of a Western husband. And it’s perfectly legal. You can do it in your country or in the Asian country of your choice. To get married in the United States, you’ll need a K-1 visa, also known as a fiancée visa. Once you get it, you’ll have three months to marry Asian bride.

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