Vietnamese Women: The Guide on How to Impress Vietnamese Ladies

Updated on Feb 2023

Vietnam is an exotic and beautiful country with breathtaking scenery, ancient culture, and incredibly attractive girls. Vietnamese women possess beauty and amazing personalities, and frequently draw the attention of foreigners. If you are charmed by these ladies as well and want to get a Vietnamese girlfriend, here is a dating guide for you. Keep reading to find out tips on seducing beautiful ladies from Vietnam.

Popular citiesHo Chi Minh
% of Vietnamese girls like foreigners90
Popular dating appsBadoo

Examples of Profiles of Single Vietnamese Women Who Use Dating Sites

Min 24 y.o.
Fang 29 y.o.
Xiu 26 y.o.
Aki 27 y.o.
Himari 25 y.o.
Aiko 28 y.o.

Vietnamese Women: Is It True They Are The Most Beautiful in The World?

Looking at all women from Southeast Asia, Vietnamese girls are one of the most beautiful, indeed. The first thing you might notice in these Asian ladies is their mesmerizing appearance. Let’s take a closer look at the outer beauty of Vietnamese ladies that makes them so desired at the first sight.

Mesmerizing Appearance

If you have ever seen local women, you might know that they look like goddesses. The distinctive features of pure Vietnamese beauty are porcelain skin, full lips, and a delicate silhouette. Their dark, shiny, usually long hair is another feature that can fascinate you. Pretty Vietnamese women look unbelievably good without any makeup or other cosmetic tricks, they don’t need to hide their natural beauty.

Examples of Profiles of Single Vietnamese Women Who Use Dating Sites

Min 24 y.o.
Fang 26 y.o.
Can Tho
Xiu 23 y.o.

Another reason foreign men are interested in beautiful girls from Vietnam is the diversity of their appearance. There are many ladies who have Chinese, Japanese, and Thais roots, which influence their unique beauty. That’s why you can meet ladies who have gorgeous tanned skin or signature South Korean delicate facial features.

Graceful Manners

Besides undeniable natural beauty, there is another thing that gives any local lady a special charm. Watching how they behave in everyday life, you will notice that they are very elegant and graceful. Their gestures, genuine smile, and always perfect posture make them magnetic to western guys.

To understand how elegant local women are, you can look at their photos in traditional dresses or nude Vietnamese women photos. Although they don’t dress like that every day, gorgeous Vietnamese women have a refined sense of style, inspired by their culture.

Vietnamese Women

5 Things You MUST KNOW Before Dating Vietnamese Women

Girls in different countries in the world have their own preferences in dating, as they all grew up under the influence of different cultures. Asian people also have some unique habits and traits, which are uncommon for those who grew up surrounded by Western culture. That’s why there are some things Western men must know before dating Vietnamese girls. Here are 5 things that you need to know beforehand:

  1. Vietnamese women are always reserved with new people due to their culture
  2. They are not impulsive and prefer stability in life
  3. Ladies from Vietnam are usually not religious
  4. About 50% of Vietnamese don’t speak English but know Chinese or Thai languages
  5. Most Vietnamese girls work hard and build careers alongside family life

Tips For Dating Vietnamese Women

The idea of dating a Vietnamese woman puts a smile on many American men’s faces. Beautiful ladies from Asia have always been on top of the list of most appealing women. They are charming, sweet, caring, loyal, and compassionate, all the characteristics you want in your life partner.

Appearance always plays a significant role; this is why when a Western man sees a photo of a Vietnamese girl, they want to get acquainted with her. Tanned skin, shiny black hair, soft facial features, almond-shaped eyes, puffy lips, and sexy bodies that Vietnamese brides have undoubtedly keep Westerners interested.

However, local brides have many positive features that are worth discovering. If you know what characteristics a Vietnamese lady has, the easier it will be to approach her. It is necessary to say that Vietnamese and American girls have many differences. So before you decide to start dating a Vietnamese beauty online or offline, you should do your homework.

meet vietnamese women

How to Conquer the Heart of a Vietnamese Girl?

Foreign brides are unique. They were brought up differently; they have different traditions and different dating cultures. Being open to a different approach will help you to conquer the hearts of gorgeous women from Vietnam. Please review a few good tips that will work in your favor.

  • Pride and Honor

Local girls are raised poorly in comparison with Westerners. Honoring your Vietnamese date will undoubtedly help you to conquer her heart. Show her that you feel proud to call her your girlfriend. This will make her feel confident and appreciated.

  • Be romantic

All Asian girls have a romantic nature. They love holding hands, kissing, going on dates, and buying gifts for their loved ones. Dating a local girl will bring much joy and love into your life. To win a Vietnamese girl’s heart, you should behave in the most romantic way possible. Order flowers, pay a bill in a restaurant, hug and kiss your bride in public to prove your feelings.

  • Meet her family

Asians are some of the most family-oriented brides. They pay their parents respect and often take their advice. If a girl likes you, she will want to bring up to her parents’ home and introduce you. It can scare Americans as meeting parents means you two are willing to get married. In Vietnam, meeting your date’s family is a usual thing, so do not feel obligated and forced to commit. Meeting your date’s family will show you how friendly, genuine, hospitable, and loving local people are. They will make you feel welcomed and a part of their families.

With these tips in mind, you will succeed in dating a Vietnamese woman and see that building a relationship with a Vietnamese girl is easy and joyful. A bride from Vietnam can bring much happiness into your life. Making efforts will reward you with a loyal and loving wife.

How to Seduce Vietnamese Girls

Finding the right approach to the woman you like is the key to a successful date. Due to cultural differences, the methods you use to impress Western women might not work with Vietnamese singles. What is the secret of seducing and dating Vietnamese women? Follow our tips below and you won’t have any problems winning the heart of a pretty girl from Vietnam.

  • Be kind and responsive. It is key to making a good impression on a local girl. Every girl from Vietnam is a bit romantic and usually dreams about a thoughtful partner who will cherish her.
  • Take the lead. Mostly, beautiful Vietnamese girls are slightly shy with strangers. That’s why it would be great if you make the first move and start a conversation.
  • Pay attention to details. Vietnamese girl loves western men who are thoughtful and remember small details from their conversations. Listen to her carefully during your first date, it will definitely raise her interest in you.
  • Give her time to get to know you better. Dating Vietnamese ladies, don’t rush things as it will only make them uncomfortable. They are quite reserved and wouldn’t like physical contact or any confession of your feelings on the first date.
How to Seduce Vietnamese Girls

Is It Worth Getting a Vietnamese Girlfriend?

Are you wondering how good a Vietnamese woman is for serious relationships? We can assure you that incredible beauty is not the only nice thing about hot Vietnamese women. Their inner world is as beautiful as their appearance. Let’s find out what makes local ladies a good choice for Asian women finders.

They Are Empathetic and Gentle

If you are looking for a partner who sees relationships as a mixture of love, support, and respect for each other, then choosing to date a Vietnamese woman is the best option for you. The only reason a Vietnamese woman date a man is her real feelings for him. There is no lie that women from Vietnam are always honest with people and would never stay in relationships with a partner they don’t like.

A dating partner from Vietnam means getting the most gentle, sweet, and supportive girl. But don’t think that Vietnamese wives are too sensitive and romantic. They know how to not be too childish and dramatic, so being in relationships with them is not annoying at all.

Family Is the Highest Priority

All Vietnamese beautiful women are family-oriented, without any exceptions. Whatever the family background of a girl in Vietnam, all of them make extremely good wives. After marriage, she will take care of all family members and keep a good atmosphere at home. A Vietnamese wife always becomes the best mother, as local women usually have siblings and are very experienced in upbringing children. But don’t expect her to quit her job, as Vietnamese are also hard-working and determined people.

Besides the love for a husband and children, these ladies are also very attached to their parents. Every Vietnamese girl likes her family the most and will never forget to visit them even after marriage. That’s why you should be ready to meet her Asian parents and spend time with them at least once a year.

Is It Worth Getting a Vietnamese Girlfriend?

They Prefer a Healthy Lifestyle

Another reason to choose Vietnamese women for serious relationships or marriage is they don’t have bad habits like smoking or drinking. According to research, the prevalence of smoking among Vietnamese females is 1.1%, which is an extremely low rate. Also, every local woman likes sports and keeps herself in shape. Isn’t it perfect to have a beautiful girlfriend with a lovely personality and without bad habits?

3 Tactics For Meeting More Beautiful Vietnamese Women Offline

A date in real life is always a good idea, as you can see your partner’s true feelings and become closer much faster. If you have a chance to visit Vietnam, you’re a lucky man. There are a lot of good spots to meet Vietnamese girls. To make the search process easier for you, we want to share the 3 best tactics for finding local girls in Vietnam.

  • Attend some popular events in big cities like Ho Chi Minh. There are a lot of different events from festivals to workshops and expos, and everywhere you can meet Vietnamese singles. If you are in Ho Chi Minh city, check what events are held and visit them.
  • Don’t hesitate to talk to locals in popular tourist destinations. In places like Halong Bay, Hue, and Da Nang, people are more talkative and open to foreigners, so you won’t have any problems with meeting beautiful women.
  • Visit local clubs and bars. These are the perfect places to meet a lot of hot Vietnamese ladies and find a good match. Try Infinity Club in Hanoi or Soul Pool Party in Ho ChiMinh where a lot of Saigon Vietnamese women spend weekends.

Places to Meet Vietnamese female in Vietnam

Foreign men are welcome to visit Asia and Vietnam for the prospect of meeting Vietnamese girls. There are many beautiful cities throughout the country, but here are the most:

  • Ho Chi Minh City contains many interesting places to meet Vietnamese girls. The city offers a great selection of bars, nightclubs and restaurants that are perfect for meeting new people. There are also many parks and public spaces where you can strike up a conversation with a cute Vietnamese girl.
  • Hanoi is another excellent city to meet Vietnamese girls. This city is full of culture and history, and there are many beautiful women to be found here. The nightlife in Hanoi is also excellent, and you can find many bars and nightclubs to meet new people.
  • Nha Trang is a beautiful beach city that is perfect for meeting Vietnamese girls. There are many beaches to relax on during the day, and the nightlife here is also excellent. You can find many bars and nightclubs to meet new people in Nha Trang.
  • Da Nang is a beautiful city that is perfect for meeting Vietnamese girls. There are many beaches to relax on during the day, and the nightlife here is also excellent. You can find many bars and nightclubs to meet new people in Da Nang.
  • Hai Phong is a city that is perfect for meeting Vietnamese girls. There are many interesting places to visit here, and the nightlife is also excellent. You can find many bars and nightclubs to meet new people in Hai Phong.

In South Vietnam , the best place to meet Vietnamese females are in the big cities like Saigon and Hanoi. You can find them in the markets or working in the rice fields. If you are a westerner, it is best to go to a bar or nightclub where there are many Vietnamese people.

North Vietnam, in Hanoi, you can also find them in the small villages along the Red River . The best time to meet Vietnamese females is during the day time when they are not working.

Meet Vietnamese Women Online – How To Connect With Gorgeous Ladies From The Land Of The Rising Sun

If you are from America or Europe, it may not be easy to visit Vietnam for you. Luckily, nowadays many Vietnamese hot women use online dating sites to meet foreigners for long-term relationships. With various communication features, It becomes very easy to meet Vietnamese war women online. Do you want to know how to choose a reliable dating site that will help you to meet a beauty from South East Asia? Here are our tips for you on online dating.

  • Find reliable dating apps. The best choice is the app which is popular among locals. Also, pay attention that some of the platforms aren’t suitable for international dating and girls there don’t speak foreign languages. You can also research Vietnamese women names to pronounce them correctly.
  • Make a nice profile. Many websites offer to fill in multiple forms with your personal information. It is very helpful, as Vietnamese women are most likely to start a conversation with a man who puts more information about himself.
  • Learn something about Vietnam beforehand. It is always impressive when a foreigner knows something or is interested in your country. Additionally, it is a good topic for starting a conversation, as your potential Vietnamese girlfriend would be happy to tell you about her country and its old Asian culture.

Dating Vietnamese Women Online: Is It Possible To Build A Real Relationship?

A beautiful Vietnamese wife will be an excellent solution if the following characteristics are important to you::

  • Thrift;
  • Courtesy;
  • Kindness;
  • Honesty.

Vietnamese women have established themselves as good hostesses. They try to do everything to keep the house warm and cozy, smell delicious, and hear happy children’s laughter. A Vietnamese lady can completely abandon her career and devote time only to her family. But, if a man does not mind, then she will build a successful career.

A Vietnamese wife will not contradict her man, criticize his actions before outsiders, or question his decisions. Vietnamese women know when to keep quiet and when to share advice. Such an important skill prevents many quarrels and leads to the minimum number of divorces in Vietnam.

Vietnamese women as many Asian girls respect their men, so they will not give him any reason to doubt their loyalty. The brides here are sincere. This is the key to a happy marriage, regardless of nationality.

Dating a Vietnamese Woman vs Western Women

As someone who has dated both Vietnamese women and Western women, I can say that there are definitely some difference between the two. Here are some of the things you can expect when dating a Vietnamese woman:

  • Vietnamese girls are generally more shy and reserved than Western women. This can be a good thing, as it means they’re less likely to be promiscuous and more likely to be faithful. However, it can also make them harder to approach and get to know.
  • Vietnamese women tend to be more traditional and family-oriented than Western women. This means they’re often looking for a serious relationship rather than just a casual fling.
  • Unfortunately, due to the high rates of sexual violence in Vietnam, many Vietnamese girls are extremely cautious about men, even if they’re just trying to be friends. This can make it difficult to build trust and get close to them.

Overall, dating a Vietnamese woman can be a very different experience than dating a Western woman.

dating vietnamese women

Why Are Vietnamese Girls Better Than American Women?

Many American men cannot find a wife because they are more interested in building their careers and do not want to start a serious relationship. In addition, they are reluctant to meet immigrants from other countries. They are interested in wealthy and successful men, but they do not seek to match them.

A Vietnamese girlfriend, on the contrary, puts her husband’s interests above her own, tries to support him as much as possible, and helps solve many problems. Raising children with such a woman will not be difficult.

Another advantage of Vietnamese women is their unusual beauty. They are all unique, but there are also similar features:

  • Swarthy skin;
  • Dark hair;
  • Brown eyes;
  • Asian eye shape.

In Southeast Asia, Vietnamese brides here are used to taking care of themselves to please their men.

There are many success stories on the web about marriages between American men and Vietnamese women. The number of divorces in such marriages tends to zero because girls take good care of their husbands and children, remain faithful, and are ready to forgive almost any offense.

Vietnamese Dating Culture: 5 Customs to Know Beforehand

As traditional Vietnamese culture is one of the oldest in Asia, there are some essential customs that every Vietnamese girl follows. And it is very likely that they will affect your dating experience. Knowing these traditions beforehand will definitely be helpful for the success of your date with a beautiful local girl. Here are 5 customs that are special for all women from Vietnam.

  • In some regions, girls have to get a parent’s permission for dating. That’s why young people who are under 25 years old can still ask their parents before going on a date. Thus dating these ladies in real life is very different from Vietnamese women porn.
  • When you start to date a Vietnamese woman, don’t date others. Even if you had only one date, she will expect you to forget about other women until you figure out your feelings for each other.
  • A boyfriend is expected to spend time with his girlfriend’s family. As family values are a very first priority for Vietnamese women in Vietnam, you have to join her on trips to her family house.
  • On the first date, a man has to pay for the entire affair. Also, men usually bring gifts for Vietnamese women like flowers or chocolate.
  • Your Vietnamese partner may want to visit a fortune teller together. It is very common in Vietnam to go to a fortune-teller, especially in matters related to relationships and destiny
  • Vietnamese families are usually big and close compare to the families of western women. So, if you date a Vietnamese girl, you will most likely meet her parents and relatives soon. And it is important to make a good impression on them as they will have a great impact on your relationship.
  • Every Vietnamese family respect history and remember Vietnam War. The Vietnamese people call it the Resistance War Against America or simply the American War.

Vietnamese society is still largely conservative, and traditional values regarding marriage and family are still very important to most people. However, the younger generation is increasingly challenging these traditional values, and Vietnamese dating culture is slowly changing as a result.

Vietnamese women for marriage

What Attracts A Vietnamese Girl To Foreign Men?

The groom can quickly meet Vietnamese girl online. A considerable number of girls are registered on dating sites who want to meet a foreign man. It is because the standard of living in Vietnam is much lower than in many developed regions. An acquaintance between a Vietnamese woman and a foreign man will help the girl forget about many problems and create a more comfortable world. In addition, many men mistreat their girlfriends. They humiliate her, and there is a place for violence, and they do not support her in various endeavors. Vietnamese women want to find a man who will treat her well.

There are many Vietnamese women on dating platforms who have had negative experiences in the past. Here the groom can also meet Vietnamese women with children. It is better to decide if you are ready to take on such responsibility.

Foreign husband does not have to be a rich man, nor does he have to have a perfect physique. He just needs to be honest, sincere, and loving. Vietnamese women are very loyal to their husbands and always try to make them happy.

Writer’s Conclusion: How To Meet Vietnamese Women

Today there are two ways to meet girls from Vietnam. It is to make a trip to this incredibly colorful country or register on an online dating site.

You can find yourself a girl for one night in the first case, but this is unlikely to develop into a marriage. Nevertheless, such a trip will be helpful, because you can rest, relax, and get to know the Vietnamese culture and life of these people.

A huge number of Vietnamese singles are registered on the dating site. Most of the Vietnamese women here are in a serious mood. Here you can quickly meet Vietnamese women who are ready to start a family and children. Vietnamese women will be the perfect partner.

To win the heart of a Vietnamese woman, the groom must be as honest and considerate as possible. You must have a roughly similar hobby and outlook on life. The more you are interested in the inner world, the more she will open up to you.

Also, it would be best if you told more about yourself, especially about your life, career, and education. A Vietnamese woman should understand how her life will change if she marries you.

Don’t be afraid to compliment and give gifts. It will allow you to get more attention and prove your seriousness.


No matter, whether you’re looking for young or mature Vietnamese women, you can be sure that they are some of the best girlfriends among Asian ladies. Their mild temper, sincerity, and faithfulness to their partners are complemented by elegant manners and stunning beauty. If you want to find a Vietnamese beautiful woman, follow our guide and your Vietnamese date will definitely go well.


What Are Vietnamese Women Like?

These women are considered one of the most beautiful in Southeast Asia, but they also possess many amazing characteristics. Girls from Vietnam are dedicated to their families, smart, and hard-working. They are perfect for serious relationships and are known as loyal, sweet, and supportive partners.

Is It Safe for Foreigners to Date Vietnamese Women?

You can be sure that Vietnamese girls dating are safe, as these ladies don’t tend to lie and start relationships only because of true feelings. However, if you choose online dating to meet your love from Vietnam, use only reputable platforms with real girls.

What Makes Vietnamese Women So Beautiful?

The secret of Vietnamese beauty is a mixture of Asian genes and women’s effort to take care of their appearance. Also, local ladies don’t smoke and like yoga, dancing, running, and other activities that help them stay in shape and look gorgeous.

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