Singapore Women: A Full Guide to Dating Singaporean 

Updated on Feb 2023

Wondering if single Singapore women are hard to approach? Yes and no, Singaporean culture is generally more closed than Western cultures. Here are some details that will help you start a serious and long-lasting love relationship with a Singapore girl.

Popular places in SingaporeCity Square Mall, ION Orchard, Suntec City
% of Singapore Women prefer foreigners91
Popular dating sitesBumble

Examples of Profiles of Single Foreign Women Who Use Dating Sites

Min 24 y.o.
Fang 29 y.o.
Xiu 26 y.o.
Aki 27 y.o.
Himari 25 y.o.
Aiko 28 y.o.

What Should You Know About Dating Singapore Women?

Singapore is a fairly young state, but it has already become a popular tourist destination. Mentally, this country is at the crossroads of the West and the East, so here we can observe the rapid development at a Western pace, and preserve tradition and conservatism as the best characteristics of the East. Beautiful Singapore women are pretty much East and West at the same time. They are Asian girls with European values. However, this is not the only reason why they are popular in the online dating market. Now we’re going to uncover Singapore woman characteristics.

Beautiful Singapore Girls Are Amazing

Of course, girls of all nationalities are beautiful in their own way, so it is exclusively a matter of taste. Singapore beautiful women have miniature figures, long dark hair, and full lips. While Western women try to get everything with the help of plastic and cosmetology, Asian girls have already received everything from nature.

Women in Singapore Are Smart

The Singapore government has done a lot to ensure equal rights and opportunities for women and men. Men still earn a little more than women (6% more on average), but girls here are very smart and educated. The education system in this country is considered one of the best in the world, and at the same time, not all citizens of the country receive this honor, but only the best of them.

Singapore Women Are Self-Sufficient

The modern generation is raised with the belief that a woman should be independent and not expect a man to support her financially. You have heard this somewhere, haven’t you? Yes, this is a typical European approach to life, and if you also share this opinion, feel free to meet women from.

Singapore Women

Singapore Strong Character

Singapore beautiful females are not as modest as other Asian women. And here is the second European trait of these women. Women from Singapore are not as shy as Asians from other countries. These girls easily get acquainted with white men, speak English fluently, and very often have nothing against romantic adventures. And by the way, they don’t mind wearing short skirts and half-open t-shirts. So, the myth of the beautiful women of Singapore is not quite a myth.

How to Recognize True Beauty: Singapore Woman

Girls in Singapore are just the case when the best characteristics of the East and the West are found in one person. Let’s find out the details.

Singaporean Women Know Their Worth

These are girls who love themselves, know their worth, and realize their importance. But don’t confuse this with selfishness – love for others always starts with the love for oneself, so this is a pretty adequate trait that is typical of the Western mindset.

Singapore Ladies Know How to Keep the Balance

They are girls who focus on their careers, however, when they meet someone right for them, they are willing to allocate a place for their husband, family, and children. However, don’t expect them to give up on work, career, and development – as we said, girls of Singapore are raised to be self-sufficient.

A Singaporean Girl Respects Family Values

Nevertheless, these girls share traditional Asian views that divorce is not always the best outcome, it is normal for a woman to do household chores and care for children. In addition, they are very respectful of parents and older relatives.

Beautiful Singapore Chicks Want to Have a Relationship

And here is another Western characteristic – they are willing to invest their time and energy in relationships and family, but they will expect the same from a man. In other words, they are for gender equality in marriage and family, and fair agreements based on mutual respect.

Thus, single Singapore women for marriage are a choice for brave men. Nevertheless, if you share Western views on life and at the same time admire Asian beauty, then this is probably the best choice you can make.

Reasons to Date Singapore Women: Pros and Cons

Female beauty is a relative concept, it does not fit into certain generally accepted frameworks. The eternal female question is: “Which women do men prefer: pretty, skinny girls, or taller girls?” Many men will answer that they prefer pretty, Asian girls. But is it nice to go out with such a woman and where to meet such girls? But first, let’s take a look at their good and bad sides.

She has high self-esteem. Those women are satisfied with their appearance 1.5 times more often than normal womenShe’s always on a diet. If a girl likes to diet, she will be on a diet all the time, even if she is pregnant
A Singapore girlfriend has a lot of energy. She has time to do everything and more. She gets up early, she widens her circle of communication, and she is respected by others.A Singapore woman needs a man to admire her. They expect compliments that they do not deserve.
She has no complexes. Even if she doesn’t like something about herself, it’s not so obvious to others. She feels like a queen in any place.She cannot believe that men fall in love with them. Therefore, they look for a selfish reason for the relationship and do not believe in the love of a man.
dating singapore women

5 Types of Girls from Singapore

Since the dawn of time, men have attempted to comprehend women. We decided to at least provide some information on how to distinguish the types because people continue to be perplexed.

A Single, Hot, and Ready to Flirt Girl

This adorable, attractive, and kind young lady has a great sense of humor. She is too careless among others and has a large number of male pals. This one is always on the lookout for a nice guy and isn’t always happy with what she finds.

A Selfie Queen

You don’t need to inquire about her whereabouts. You can always stay up to speed on the different selfies she posts. A selfie is required in every area, including the bathroom and kitchen.

Overly Loyal Girlfriend

A female who is always with her partner will always be visible. This is a funky aspect of Singapore dating culture. They accompany each other everywhere, from the canteen to the library. Perhaps because of her lover, this girl is more well-known.

A Nerdy Woman

Okay, she’s a serious and sincere young lady who can converse on nearly any subject. She is dedicated to her studies, which are her top priorities. She is an avid reader.

A Young Fashionista

There is always a female who enjoys shopping, dressing up in fancy clothing, and applying high-end cosmetics. This diva dresses like a superstar and is never seen without her high heels.

How to Meet Singapore Women: Making a Good Impression

There is plenty to do in Singapore for everyone. Whether you don’t have much to spend or money doesn’t matter, you have a wide range of options for taking a girl of Singapore on a date.

Walking around the Gardens by the Bay is a great option for Singapore dating. If you do this at night, you can even go into the gardens, as there are few security guards at night. If you do end up walking through the bushes, make sure you don’t get caught.

The easiest and cheapest way is to walk along the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade. It doesn’t cost you a cent and you can do it day or night. But if you want to bang tourists, they will fall for it and find it romantic. This is your ticket when dating in Singapore as a foreigner.


Singapore is a beautiful, rich, and successful country with many educated, attractive, and devoted women. Despite their hectic schedules, ambitious objectives, and hectic lifestyles, they always make time for their loved ones. They are distinct from American women in several respects. Their list of odd characteristics is long: they have an exotic look, they labor a lot, they are usually self-sufficient, and so on. If you’re ready to see what else dating a Singapore lady may offer you, get out there and meet those lovely ladies.


How to Meet Women in Singapore?

However, we can offer you an even more strategically thought out option - dating Singaporean girls online. In addition, thoughtful algorithms designed for dating platforms will help you find your significant other based on your goals, interests, desires, and intentions.

Why So Many Single Singapore Women?

Foreigners are more romantic. It's true. Those who have lived in Singapore for a while say that local men only meet girls for a certain purpose - someone is looking for the opportunity to leave their parents, someone wants to get married for certain benefits, someone just looking for quick sex.

Why Are Singapore Women So Beautiful?

A Singaporean woman is often petite, with feminine body forms, black hair, V-shaped features, and big lips. Their hazel eyes tilt slightly. While Western women want it all through plastic surgery, Singaporean girls have already acquired it all through nature. They have no intention of concealing their innate attractiveness.

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