Japanese Wives: What Should You Know About Them

Updated on Jul 2023

Japanese mail order brides are somewhat mystified. Nobody knows exactly why they are pretty and what makes them good wife material. In this article, we will explore the hidden aspects of Japanese wives and give you some dating tips.

Japan is a country that attracts many people thanks to its gastronomy, its beautiful landscapes, and its specific culture. But for some men, Asian girls are also an important factor and they want to learn how to seduce a Japanese mail order wife.

In this Japanese woman review, we will talk about the things to do to seduce a Japanese girlfriend successfully. As the Japanese diaspora is not very present abroad, our article will focus on the girls present in Japan.

Examples of Profiles of Single Japanese Women Who Use Dating Sites

Min 24 y.o.
Fang 29 y.o.
Xiu 26 y.o.
Aki 27 y.o.
Himari 25 y.o.
Aiko 28 y.o.

The Mentality of Japanese Wives

In the country, it is not uncommon to find men still virgins after 30 years old. Some men are indeed afraid to approach a Japanese girl for a seduction attempt, it is in their mentality. Sex with a Japanese wife is still for some women very taboo in the country. However, as a foreigner, you will be able to get the best out of it if you understand the Japanese woman mentality.

Japan brides need a man who will listen to them and help them with their careers because this is important for girls in this country. Indeed, work is an essential component of the life of people in Japan.

What Japanese Girls Like in Men

During the year, workers are only allowed 2 weeks of vacation and it is not uncommon for the boss to force his employees to take them. You must be ambitious in life. Without this, it will be almost impossible to please a Japanese girl. But some Japanese ladies are also attracted to people with a different culture than their own. If you speak a foreign language, for example, it will mean to some women that you are romantic. And so, she can open up to you more easily.

asian japanese woman

Success Stories of Japanese Woman and American Man

Success Story #1 Image
Daniel and Ming EasternHoneys logo
Daniel had always cherished travel. He found it to be the most effective means of evading the monotonous and routine duties that seemed to dominate his existence. However, one day he discovered Fang on a dating website and fell in love with her instantaneously. They began exchanging messages and quickly realized they shared many similarities. They arranged to meet, and after a single evening together, they realized that they were destined to be together forever.
Success Story #2 Image
Keith and Yan LoverWhirl logo
On a dating site, Keith and Yan found each other and began corresponding with one another. They got along famously straight immediately and made plans to get together. When they did eventually meet one another, they were both taken aback by how attractive the other person was. They went on a couple dates, and everything seemed to be going swimmingly at that point. Keith admired Yan for the fervor with which she approached life, and Yan admired Keith for his romantic nature.

How to Flirt With a Japanese Mail Order Bride?

If you are wondering how to attract a Japanese mail order bride, you must respect some criteria. Being ambitious and successful in life is usually an important condition to please beautiful Japanese ladies. However, you may meet other types of Japanese mail-order brides.

Japan is a country where the geek and manga culture is very present. Do you remember the cartoons from the ’80s and ’90s that were shown on TV channels? The Zodiac Knights, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, etc.? Well, they were Japanese cartoons.

If this geek and manga culture is also your thing, then you can easily find a Japanese wife who will appreciate you for it, without necessarily needing to have a high position in your company or to have been very successful in your career.

Activities Enjoyed by Japanese Girls

In terms of activities appreciated by Japanese ladies, we are very close to what girls from the whole continent like to do.

  • Thus, you will find women who love good restaurants. Generally, they like to fish more than meat. But if you were to propose a restaurant to a Japanese girl, try to introduce her to foreign food, it is something exotic to her and it will make her discover something new;
  • If the girl is from geek culture, then it is likely that she would like to dress up as a person from a manga or a famous movie and go to events like Comic-Con. In Japan, it is possible to find this kind of meeting regularly;
  • Also, she may be interested in doing animal-related activities. Indeed, for many Japanese people, animals have a central place in their life.

Things to Avoid to Seduce Japanese Wives

If you are lucky enough to have a date with a girl from Japan, congratulations. But if you want to meet Japanese girls, it is important to behave properly. So, here is a list of things not to say or do with a Japanese girl:

  • Avoid talking about the tragedies of Hiroshima or Nagasaki. These are the two worst atomic bomb tragedies in human history. In the country, it is still a painful thing;
  • Do not comment on the invasion of Manchuria by Japanese troops in World War II and the abuses committed by the soldiers and the 731 unit;
  • Do not foolishly imitate his slanting eyes, it is not perceived as something funny;
  • Instead, try to show him that you know the history of his country. That you are interested in the Samurai, that you are aware that Japan has the oldest ruling Dynasty in the world, etc;
  • Do not finish your entire plate at a meal. This is considered to be a sign that you did not like your food. Always leave a little bit in;
  • Remember to take off your shoes when you go into certain places. It is a huge disrespect not to do so.
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Marrying Japanese Wives: How Does It Work?

Unlike marrying a woman from the Philippines or marrying a girl from Vietnam, you can trust a Japanese mail order bride much more easily. Japan is indeed a rich country. You will hardly find any girl who will want to marry you just to get the papers to leave the country or to take advantage of your money. Japanese mail-order brides do not need that.

If you decide to buy a Japanese mail order bride and she accepts, it will usually be something sincere. Love can be seen as something real and you won’t have to wonder a thousand times why she agreed to marry you.

The Issue of Mixed Marriage With Japanese Girls

However, be aware that mixed marriages are very rare in Japan. While it will be possible to have a Japanese girlfriend, the engagement stage is already something difficult to accomplish in the country if you are not Asian. Generally, the only girls who will agree to marry you are people from non-traditional families. If her parents are attached to the traditions of Japan, marriage will likely be impossible.

Japanese Wedding Traditions

Japanese wedding customs were not all about romance but strict adherence to tradition. The wedding took place in a Shinto temple. Many of the old traditions are still followed, so your marriage ceremony in Japan can be confusing and overwhelming. Below we will introduce you to the most popular traditions.

Japanese Wives and Purification

At a Japanese wedding, not only the bride and groom are in charge, but also the priest kannushi and his miko assistants. At the beginning of the ceremony, the ritual of purification, oharai, was performed. The bride and groom drank three sips each from cups of sake. After that, the wedding rings were exchanged. Interestingly, it was not gold but platinum jewelry that was exchanged.

Japanese Wives and European Standards

Japan manages to combine several wedding ceremonies: Shinto-style and European. The ceremonies are held in complexes that have everything you need. The newlyweds pass from one temple to another and change clothes several times. First the national costumes, then the bride’s white attire and the groom’s dark jacket. For the banquet, the young wife wears an evening gown, and the husband also changes clothes.

Japanese Wives and Feasting

The Japanese feast is similar to the European banquet. However, there are peculiarities. Traditions at weddings forbid dancing. Music is played, and there is a host, but guests sing karaoke. It is not customary to give the newlyweds gifts, but only money in an envelope. Usually 200-300 dollars. It is customary to give gifts to the invitees. The families of the bride and groom buy gift sets: sweets, coffee, tea, and household sundries.

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Japanese Wives: Post-Marriage Peculiarities

The beauty of a relationship is that even after a few years you keep discovering new things about yourself. Marriage is an intimate stage of the relationship between a couple, and there are some important aspects of Japanese wives. Let’s talk about the most notable aspects.

The Japanese View Beauty Differently

In Europe and Japan, there are different concepts of how beautiful a Japanese wife is. If for European men a petite Japanese mail order bride with a pretty face and small breasts can be very attractive, for many Japanese the determining factor of a woman’s beauty is her height and the size of her breasts. So if you are fond of skinny girls you are lucky, you will get practically uncultivated virgin land and for your beloved acquaintance with you can be the first experience, even if she is over twenty.

Japanese Wives Love the Social Aspect

In Japan, it is often customary to organize outings or parties with friends to meet new people. Japanese-mail order brides attach a lot of importance to the concept of harmony which is often underestimated by foreigners. If you find a Japanese person you like in the group, it is important to continue to share the evening with all the members of the group and not only the one you are interested in. Selfish behavior can make you lose valuable points not only with the Japanese wife but also with the whole group.

How Japanese Wives Act Within a Family

Many women desire to devote their whole lives to their children without earning, and countless women prioritize their careers over their households. Japanese-mail order brides currently have this outlook on the future. They want to maximize their quality of life. There is a very handful of other women in the world that can effectively juggle being a spouse, mother, and professional achievement the way single Japanese women do.

Where Is It Possible to Meet Japanese Women?

The Japanese diaspora is very little present abroad. It is probably the richest country with the least number of citizens who like to go abroad. The reasons for this are various, but it will make it difficult to meet Japanese brides outside Japan.

You will then generally have to go to the country if you want to find Japanese women. And apart from Australia, it is probably the farthest country from a country like the USA. Once in Japan, you will have all the classic places to meet the locals. But some places are better for meeting people than others.

Top Places to Date Japanese Wives in Japan

The most suitable city for dating is Tokyo. The place is overflowing with romantic places where a spark can arise between couples. So where can you spark romance? Which places are the best of the best? Take a look at our list below:

  • Tokyo Tower
  • Tennozu Isle
  • Sky Tree Tower
  • Hamarikyu Garden
  • Chidorigafuchi Moat
  • Shinobazu Pond

Best Site for Dating Japanese Wives

Another option to meet a woman from Japan is also to use a Japanese wife dating site. If getting to the country is difficult enough for you, this is almost the only way you will succeed in finding a Japanese mail order bride in your country.

There is a niche dating site called Japan Cupid where you can meet girls from Japan. Even though many of the women on the site still live in Japan, some of them will live near you without you knowing it. In addition, it will be possible to convince some beautiful Japanese brides to come and visit you in your country. And if you want to visit Japan yourself, you can start planning a Japanese girl meeting in advance by already chatting with women from a distance.

asian japanese sexy girl

Tips for Conquering Japanese Wives

You must be mindful of the differences in your viewpoint and attitude when you desire to marry a Japanese woman. In Japanese culture, many behaviors that are entirely normal to us are frowned upon. Here are some things you can do to make your relationship work.

  • Japanese girls are not easy. Contrary to what people think, Japanese women’s sexuality ranges from the most conservative to the most promiscuous. It all depends on the girl you meet;
  • Act. Most Japanese women are very receptive to men’s initiative during parties, to the way you are enterprising. (Leadership) If you are not able to take charge of the date, then you will often find yourself alone;
  • Be yourself. Your cultural differences are an asset more than an obstacle. Ask yourself this: Does a Japanese girl become more attractive to you when she assimilates your culture?
  • Don’t get intimate in public. Most Japanese ladies are very attentive to the gaze of others/society. Moderate your tender moments in public places and save them for more intimate places. They will be grateful for it;
  • Don’t rush it. Moving too soon to physical intimacy can skip steps. The ideal is to go gradually to make most Japanese brides feel confident about your intentions;
  • Don’t rely on foreign exoticness. Foreigners come to Japan and make the mistake of assuming that they are fashionable and popular. For some Japanese women, your cultural difference can be an advantage but don’t forget to prepare the ground.

How Do You Meet Japanese Wives?

Everything is very simple, it is enough to get to Japan. The vast majority of Japanese women dating foreigners are located there. So the very fact that you are standing on Japanese soil dramatically increases your chances to meet a Japanese girl. However, you should not despair: there are Japanese women in Europe, and the employees of Japanese companies working here, as well as the staff at the embassies and consulates. But on the whole, the chances of meeting one of them in Europe are not so great, but no problem, the Internet and dating sites come to the rescue.

Setting Goals to Meet Japanese Ladies

But before you get acquainted you should first find out why you want to get close to a Japanese wife. If your interest is more in the sphere of exotic sex you had better use the paid services of Japanese mail-order brides because it is easier and you will not make trouble. Otherwise, you can and should get acquainted, communicate, and make friends with Japanese brides for marriage. But if you think of something more, think about whether you really have a deep feeling for this woman or you just like the strangeness of the situation? If there is the slightest doubt, see point one.

First Steps With Japanese Ladies

Any relationship starts with the first meeting and acquaintance, here again, it is important to understand what you are looking for and what kind of girl you want to meet. Dating in nightclubs and bars is quite unambiguous, but does not always imply a serious relationship, because a bed with you and a Japanese girl can be just an exotic experience with a foreigner for one night, and it’s good if it suits both. Being Japanese is not an unimportant factor.

If you are fluent in Japanese your chances increase dramatically, if you can only speak English your social circle narrows down to Japanese girls that are interested in English or work professionally in this field. And here you may have some problems. First, a Japanese wife online who speaks English very well knows her worth, and second, she can communicate with you to improve her English. This isn’t a bad thing in general, but it can be frustrating if you’re in the mood for romance.

asian japanese sexy lady

Other Approaches With Japanese Mail Order Brides

There is a more elegant way to get the contacts of a Japanese mail order bride: you can pretend that there is something wrong with your phone and ask her to call you to check, the number will come up, and the job is done. If you have her email, it’s better to start with a little correspondence before you call. Even if you only have her number, in this case, send a so-called c-mail. If you do call, do not forget to introduce yourself, she may not immediately recognize you.

Asking Japanese Girl Out

There is a dilemma about where to ask a Japanese lady out. The movie is not suitable unambiguously, you need to get to know each other better, not stare at the screen in a dark hall, dinner in a restaurant or sitting in a bar is a lot of obligation, although, of course, it depends on the position of the girl. In most cases, you can invite her to Starbucks, it’s cozy, they serve coffee, and sweets, and are great to talk to. To make sure your date won’t end in a fiasco and before it even begins, don’t be late, but rather come ten minutes early, Japanese mail-order brides are very punctual.

Topics for Conversation With Japanese Girls

It makes sense to talk about light, meaningless things, you can tell funny stories, talk about your country, carefully ask the girl about her tastes, family, the main thing – do not turn the conversation into an interrogation. And, remember, during the first date, no matter how much you would like to move the conversation to sex and relationships, be patient, and even more so, don’t let your hands loose. All in all, the first date with Japanese mail order brides is just an exploration, an attempt to communicate further, and more importantly, do you want to communicate further with her?

Progressing a Relationship With a Japanese Girl

During the first date, you have already decided what your chosen one likes, right? So the choice of a place for the next meetings is best matched with her tastes. In summer the parks are ideal. Be sure to take the bread and feed all kinds of animals that live there. It’s almost free and almost certainly a Japanese wife will like it. Try to avoid being overly active unless you’re sure your girlfriend is a fan of bowling or alpine skiing, for example.

Lunch in nature – it’s a great way to spend time, if suddenly your Japanese wife is cold, do not be lazy to take off your jacket and put it on her shoulders. The cold will have to be tolerated, and the gesture will be beautiful. You can now feel free to say compliments, Japanese men are quite stingy about them, and this will show you in a good light.

Inviting Your Future Japanese Wife

The Japanese normally don’t go visiting, so, tired of walking outdoors and spending time in cafes and restaurants, try inviting a girl to your home. Under the pretext of dinner, which you will cook yourself. For a Japanese girl, this is very romantic. Just do not turn dinner at your place into an attempt to get her into bed, it is much more important that she enjoys being at your place, so do not be lazy to clean the apartment before she comes.

What to Gift to Japanese Wives?

Do not try to win her favor with expensive things, because in Japanese society it is highly desirable to answer with the same or even more valuable gift, otherwise the gifted will be greatly obligated to the giver. You should not embarrass the girl with expensive jewelry or things. It is best to give the following things:

  • Flowers. Let it be a bouquet of scarlet roses, white or yellow flowers can cause wrong associations. By the way, the Japanese have no problem with an even or odd number of flowers in a bouquet. In addition, flowers in Japan are quite cheap;
  • Sweets. It is a great gift, especially if you’re back from some trip, be sure to bring your girlfriend omiyage (souvenir) in the form of a box of chocolates;
  • Soft toys. Girls all over the world love them, but Japanese ladies especially. Buy something pink and fluffy, and delight is practically guaranteed.

Remember, a timely gift of a rose for 200 yen can do more for your relationship than earrings for 20,000 yen.

Getting Closer With Japanese Mail Order Wives

Let’s say you have successfully made it to the permanent dating stage, you already know your girlfriend pretty well, and you feel good and relaxed together. It’s time to move on to more intimate contact. You should never try to do this in any public place or in a movie. For beautiful Japanese women, displaying relationships in public is a serious taboo and you shouldn’t be surprised that even when your relationship is already formalized, in public your girlfriend is likely to be more than restrained.

asian japanese brunette lady

Intimate Contact With Japanese Wives

Japanese ladies get drunk easily, so don’t get your girlfriend drunk. You may be able to get her drunk in bed, but the relationship may end there. You can start with a massage of the shoulders, Japanese women, especially those who do office work, are often stiff. Then gently, through your clothes, go downstairs, carefully watching the reaction of the girl. Pay attention to the reaction, not the words.

As long as she says “Don’t,” but doesn’t do anything, it’s fine to continue. This is a very important point: if everything goes well – the girl is yours, if not – this may be the end of your relationship. The most important thing is not to scare her. For the first time, it’s enough to kiss, and the Japanese girl may avoid kissing, for example, because she doesn’t know how to kiss or she’s afraid that her breath smells, it could be anything. So be assertive, but not rude.

Understanding Japanese Girls

Try to read between the lines, because she probably won’t say anything directly. If after this date the girl wants to date you further, it means that everything was done correctly. When it goes further, remember that Japanese beauties are very shy, so don’t be lazy to turn out the light and get under the blanket with her before you take off her and your last clothes. If you want to enjoy the view of your girlfriend’s naked body, leave it for later, when your relationship is already strong and she is used to it. Don’t be lazy to find out if your girlfriend has had a sexual experience before, she may not have one even if she looks attractive and is over 25.

Pausing With Japanese Wives

Sometimes it is useful to pause the relationship, especially if the girl misbehaves, is capricious, and does not want to make love, although a week ago everything was fine. She needs to be left alone for a few days. Let her think about your relationship, and remember her previous life without you. It may well be that a few canceled dates and a slight detachment will only benefit the relationship. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise, you can ruin everything.

Final Word On Japanese Wives

As you have seen through this article, Japanese dating is quite particular. You will have to do it properly if you want to win the hearts of some of them. Even if Japan doesn’t have a big expatriate community around the world, by using a dating site you will be able to get in touch with girls who live near you. However, if it’s a country you want to visit, then go for it. The food is top-notch, the Japanese are friendly and there are beautiful landscapes to admire.

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