How to Meet Japanese Women for Marriage

Updated on Feb 2023

Finding a Japanese girlfriend is much easier than finding a Japanese groom for foreign women. Girls in Japan are extremely motivated to spend more time with foreigners. This is extremely noticeable if you stop for a minute and start looking on Japanese streets.

The results from different surveys show that there’s an increasing interest from Japanese brides to fall in love with a foreigner. This was a great strike to the ego of Japanese men. Prejudice towards foreigners makes them lose sight of the important matter. How to meet Japanese women for marriage? Let’s start with their character.

Japanese Women Looking for Marriage Crave Foreigners

No country has more reserved people than Japan. People of this nation are hostile when they see a family formed from different races. Within this chaos of hatred and bias, the Japanese don’t notice the grave change in the number of births. Statistics go down dramatically, with the population being in a state of limbo. This is a perfect occasion to start a relationship with a Japanese mail order bride. Girls really like men from the outside, and there are many reasons for this kind of preference.

Examples of Profiles of Single Japanese Women Who Use Dating Sites

Min 24 y.o.
Fang 26 y.o.
Xiu 23 y.o.

Local Guys Do Not Want to Marry a Japanese Woman

There is a stereotype going through the internet that Japanese nervously avoid the matter of starting a relationship. It is not exactly true, but the stereotype keeps coming back because of how Japanese men spend their lives. They are into changing their partner like rubber gloves and don’t want to tie the knot. They keep saying that having a wife is a waste of time and money. It is only a burden for them, and so their mind creates an easy solution.

Typical Japanese Women

It’s important to know what Japanese ladies are made of before you even consider dating. This will help you respect her culture and answer several questions about her character. There is an alluring mystery about Japanese girls that keeps attracting men. Their nature is deep but not frightening, as we are going to talk about it right now. We hope our pieces of advice help you avoid awkward moments in the future.

how to meet japanese women for marriage


Men are the ones to dictate the way of life in Japan. In comparison, this nation is more trusting of men rather than women. This leads to the grooms being deaf towards the pleading of their wife. This attitude leads to the Japanese being split into two types. The first type hates starting a relationship, and the second one exaggerates and becomes abusive. Some might say that not all Japanese women are like that, but still.


Despite being the home of emoji, the Japanese nation is rather emotion-prohibited. They like to keep everything inside and show true feelings only when being to the closest of people. This makes Japanese brides think that foreign men speak the language of love. We show more emotions and say the words into the face of a person. This melts the heart of any woman, never mind the fact that this is extremely wild to many Japanese women.


Japanese mail order brides see a foreigner and their unique clothing style piques their attention. Apart from the exotic taste, Japanese single women marry into the men that show a semblance of an interest in them. Furthermore, many Japanese men think that going to the gym is gross, while Americans and Europeans tend to visit it every week for health and looks reasons. Pay closer to look at the Japanese bride interested in you, as she might be not serious about creating a family with you.

Not All Japanese Women Talk to Their Boyfriends Daily

When watching a romcom, you usually see a couple constantly texting each other. This is far from true for a Japanese couple. They can date on weekends, but the rest of the week is busy with liabilities and responsibilities. A Japanese girlfriend thinks she should not text their boyfriend that often. They are not talkative, and the exciting things never leave their lips.

This state of things barely changes with the coming of marriage. Japanese mail order wives can even take a separate bed from their husbands. It is not because they hate their spouse. A different bed is needed when two people have different schedules and work. Out of consideration, you go to sleep in another room so that nobody interrupts one’s sleep. This gives couples more space and helps them stay refreshed.

Japanese Wife Hides from the Sun

Japanese women care about appearance in an extreme way. It can be seen even among the youngsters. Girls hate any excessive amount of hair on their bodies and want to deal with it fast. Furthermore, they have many cosmetics for different occasions. Pale skin is the fashion trait in Japan, and there is a huge race for it. To further confirm it, Japanese brides take an umbrella with them to shun the sun.

Girls Wear Masks When There is no Makeup

What is surprising about wearing a mask nowadays? In Japan, people did that even before the pandemic. Most do that due to the high level of air pollution, but girls have even more reasons. Mask is a perfect solution when you have no time to put on makeup. Life has so many events, and there are no reasons to pain yourself for every single occasion. Additionally, the makeup worn on a beautiful Japanese wife looks ordinary and makes it easier to see her real beauty.

Meeting Single Japanese Women for Marriage

A Japanese girl is enthusiastic to tie their life with a person of a different nationality. Their image of a perfect husband is a tall guy with bright hair and eyes filled with love. In return, foreign men want to meet a frail girl that is small in height and requires protection and care. Let’s form a plan on how to properly date those beauties.

Entertain Your Japanese Mail Order Bride

You have to face one sad truth. Like all women, Japanese wives like it when they receive gifts. If you have enough cash, then it’s not an issue. You should take her to expensive events, offer her the best food out there, and try to impress her with brand clothing. You don’t have to do this for the entirety of your lifetime, it’s all a part of getting married.

This makes you think that a Japanese woman will go down on you only if you have the money. That is false because, at times your girl wants to hear an interesting conversation. If your words sound way too empty, then you’re going to lose her. Then nothing good will come out of the date.

Prove Japanese Girls to Marry That You Are Gallant

Remember that we’re still talking about women. You want to prove that you’re gentle and have manners. Asian women are very busy when filling the shoes of a housewife. They want to hear more compliments as encouragement. This is the main thing to remember when having a conversation with them.

When dating in real life, you should give your bride a nice bouquet. It wouldn’t hurt to follow with a compliment right after. This is the kind of date when you prove that you’re a real man for her: get her the best seats in opera, hold the door in front of her, offer your coat if she’s cold. Those are shocking deeds from the viewpoint of a Japanese bride because their men wouldn’t do that.

Japanese Women for Marriage 

Meet Japanese Women for Marriage in a Bar

Eventually, you’re going to meet Japanese women in real life. This is where you have to show determination and ask the girl for a date. Japan might be alien to you, but choosing a place for a couple is pretty easy. Take your bride to a local bar.

Japanese women enjoy a good drink, and it’s something you should casually accept. They want to fill up their needs before the restraints of marriage. This is one of the ways to feel completely free. If she drinks next to an amazing guy who likes you, then she’ll be crazy about it. The best way to attract the attention of those girls is simply by entering a bar. They are likely to enter right after.

Don’t Kiss Japanese Women for Marriage in Public

Japanese mail order brides are very negative about being emotional in front of everyone. Don’t wait for her to kiss you in a crowd. The situation is even worse if she dates a foreign guy because old Japanese people are focused on saving the purity of the nation. She heads up for you to not shout about dating her because she is going to have trouble. This is what you have to brace yourself for.

Furthermore, mail order Japanese brides aren’t used to hugging when they meet an acquaintance. This is also true about walking into the apartment of the first guy they met. Don’t pressure your date too much, she can take care of herself. Even if you try to walk her to her home, she will show you a completely different building and say goodbye.

Japanese Woman and Her Parents

If you get to the point when she wants you to see the parents, then you have to brace yourself. Her relatives want to save her from peril, so they will constantly ask you about the seriousness of your relationship. When discussing the wedding, they will ask you about your work and finances. Furthermore, if your wife is in her early twenties, her parents will be negative about marrying her off. Don’t get disappointed straight away, as there’s a way to convince them. Explain that marrying a young wife is customary in your homeland, and then they will consider it.


Now you have the perfect arsenal for winning the heart of an ideal Japanese woman. It’s always good to know what she likes best, and what actions matter to her. We remind you that you don’t have to blindly follow every single hint. A relationship is all about matching two different people, and we’re just trying to increase your chances. Respect your partner, and try to show her the new outside world.


Is Marrying Japanese Brides Legal?

Indeed, they are. The process of finding a mail order wife does not break any of the Japanese laws. Nevertheless, it is a legal process, so you should figure out the list of things to initiate the process. This includes figuring out the type of visa you need because there is a special one for foreign husbands.

What Do Japanese Brides for Marriage Want for Gifts?

All of the oriental brides dream of getting worthy ornamentation. You should try gifting her a nice pair of earrings or a gold necklace. She’s going to get crazy in love if you order a paired necklace for both of you. It shows that you are intent on tying your lives.

What Does the Japanese Bride Cost?

There is a standard price for finding and marrying a Japanese wife. The number can vary from $5,500 to $17,000. The number can get that high if you use all of the services provided by bridal agencies. This includes the tickets to Japan, the gifts to a Bride, the organization of the first date, etc.

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