How to Tell if a Taiwanese Girl Likes You

Updated on Mar 2023

Taiwanese dating culture can be vastly different from the traditional Western dating culture. Being able to understand some of the key differences between them is essential for foreign men in Taiwan who are interested in dating local women. In this article, we will be discussing how to tell if a Taiwanese girl likes you and provide some tips on things to consider before pursuing a relationship with her.

Things to Consider Before Pursuing a Relationship With A Taiwanese Girl

The first thing that should be taken into consideration when discussing how to tell if a Taiwanese girl likes you is understanding the cultural norms around dating in Taiwan. It is important not to assume that what works in other parts of the world will work here, too, as there are some quite distinct differences which must be respected and understood. For example, many Taiwanese girls may expect the man to make all the first moves, so it’s best not to be too aggressive or forward when making conversation or showing your feelings towards her. Additionally, it is very uncommon for couples to show any kind of public display of affection, as this can cause embarrassment amongst their peers in conservative societies such as Taiwan.

how to tell if a taiwanese girl likes you

Online Dating vs. Traditional Dating

Online dating has become increasingly popular in Taiwan over recent years due to its convenience and ability for people from different backgrounds and cultures to meet each other without having the physical barriers of meeting face-to-face. However, many locals still prefer traditional methods such as being introduced by friends or family members as it shows greater respect for both parties involved and tends to come off as less desperate than online dating does, even though this isn’t always true in reality. There are also still many people who would view online relationships negatively due to their lack of social interaction compared with being physically present with someone and thus giving off an air of trustworthiness and commitment between two people (which brings us back nicely to our main topic).

Dating Tips For White Guys Dating Taiwanese Women

When it comes to dating tips specifically aimed at white guys going after Taiwanese women, there are a few key things that should be kept in mind:

  • Be honest about who you are – don’t try and pretend or project yourself as something else just because it may seem ‘cooler’ or more attractive; let your natural self shine through!
  • Don’t use cheesy pick-up lines – these have been known not only to fail but also create an element of embarrassment both among you two and other people who may hear; humor is always good, but steer clear of any degrading remarks made directly towards her.
  • Keep conversations light yet meaningful – focus on topics which show that you take an interest in her opinions and learn more about what makes her unique rather than talking solely about yourself.
    • Show respect – although it may feel cheesy at times (or even really uncool!), remember that honesty goes a long way when trying to win over someone’s heart; treating her with respect will get you far.
    • Compliment without objectifying her – nothing wrong with letting someone know they look nice, but avoid objectifying comments which could make them uncomfortable or, worse, could make them feel like they don’t even have agency over their own body.
    • Understand that rejection is ok – not everyone will like you back, and sometimes chemistry doesn’t happen even if everything seems perfect; accepting rejection shows maturity on your part.
Taiwanese Girl

How To Tell If A Taiwanese Girl Likes You

It can sometimes be difficult figuring out whether a girl likes you back or not due to specifically tailored gestures often used by locals rarely broadcasted outside of Taiwan itself. Of course, there are some familiar signs, such as blushing around you, which aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but knowing more specific behaviors can help immensely! One example might include noticing if she looks away shyly when talking with you (a sign she’s feeling shy), and another might involve noticing she talks slower around you than when conversing with others (showing she cares more). Pay attention carefully during conversations together, as these subtle little clues can easily go unnoticed! 

Reviews Of Men Dating Taiwanese Women

  1.  Dating Taiwanese women has been a wonderful experience for me! They are incredibly kind and understanding, and I feel like I can be my true self around them. Plus, I really appreciate the fact that they take an interest in getting to know more about my culture and background too. Highly recommend!
  2. As a westerner living in Taiwan, dating local women here has definitely been an eye-opening experience! What I find most intriguing is the differences between the culture here compared to what I’m used to at home – it’s refreshing and often very amusing. Although there are a few adjustments with regard to etiquette which must be made, overall, it has been enjoyable!
  3. After having experienced dating Taiwanese women for some time now, I believe it is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me! It has been educational, fun, and extremely rewarding; you get to learn so much about yourself while also getting to know someone else better in the process. If you’re thinking about taking a shot at dating Taiwanese girls, then trust me – do it! 

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are several important points worth noting when attempting to decipher whether a Taiwanese girl likes you or not. Firstly, foreign men must familiarise themselves culturally with the country’s norms around relationships before suggesting anything further along the line; getting acquainted through traditional routes such as family introduction shows greater respect than taking an approach via online services does, for starters. Secondly, remember what works for other countries probably won’t cut it here, so keep conversation topics light yet meaningful while also taking care not to cross any kind of personal boundaries without explicitly receiving consent from your partner beforehand; complimenting without objectifying displays maturity while accepting rejections graciously showcases confidence despite any setbacks which life throws your way!

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