ChinaCupid: an overview of this Asian online dating website

Updated on Feb 2023

Attitudes toward online dating are very ambiguous. Some people think it is a waste of time, while others celebrate weddings with their soulmates whom they have found through the Internet. One thing is certain: the popularity of ChinaCupid is growing day by day.

The explanation is simple: it allows you to communicate with people from any country, of any age and status, which multiplies the chance of finding a person with similar interests and tastes. This is the message behind the popular ChinaCupid dating website. Let’s find out if it is the paragon of dating sites!

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Short Info about ChinaCupid

Dominate age of women24-35
Member number75 million
What countries covers200+
Pricing starts4.5$
Main featuresMobility, deep matchmaking algorithm, variability
Free versionYes

ChinaCupid Dating Site: Pros and Cons

The main principle of the service is that users from all over the world can find each other. The search system is detailed and features sophisticated but effective functionality. In addition, the site is equipped with various services that help establish contact between job seekers. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this site.

What is amazing about the mechanism of this site is how it helps to connect hearts from any spot of the world. ChinaCupid online dating has a pre-established system that has a complex algorithm helping you find the person that would make a great interlocutor. Granted, the site cannot find a 100% ideal match, but it does a decent job to make the number potentially close to 100%. Nevertheless, the ChinaCupid dating site has both pros and cons, and we’re about to take a closer look at them.

ChinaCupid main page


The service boasts several undeniable advantages:

  • Easy and fast registration
  • Possibility of authorization through Facebook. In this case, you can do without compulsory registration
  • The maximum level of security when storing personal data
  • Information left by the user while working on the site will not get to third parties
  • The minimal amount of ads and spam
  • Mobile application allows you to stay in touch anywhere with the Internet
  • A great number of profiles from female users
  • Wide geography of job seekers
  • Prompt and efficient help from the support team
  • Employees are ready to solve your question at any time of the day or night
  • Filters for efficient search. That service will save you from receiving unnecessary messages and invitations
  • Availability of convenient chat for communicating online
  • Ability to use an automatic translator
  • Free admission for girls


Like any project for virtual meetings, ChinaCupid has its disadvantages:

  • Free account owners will not be able to read or reply to messages from users of the same status. The free account only allows you to contact women with a paid profile
  • Having a classification of users into gold and platinum subscribers. This creates inequality between applicants. However, no one prevents you from paying and raising your status
  • There are bots and cheaters
  • A certain part of the features is provided on a paid basis. However, this can hardly be called a minus. The project has to exist and develop by some means

ChinaCupid Membership

You can browse through profilesThere are no restrictions concerning messaging
You gain access to searching profilesThere are no annoying ads
You can see the users that are interested in youYou can filter the information seen to other users
There are many free filtering optionsYou gain more filters for your profile
You can messageThe foreign messages are automatically translated
ChinaCupid how it works

Plans and Prices

There are numerous free services on ChinaCupid dating site, however, there are two sorts of memberships. The ChinaCupid cost isn’t quite as exorbitant as you may imagine. You have access to a plethora of high-quality tools to help you locate Cambodian ladies for a fair price.

DurationCost / monthMembership
3 Months7.5$GOLD
12 Months5$GOLD
3 Months11.5$PLATINUM
12 Months6.5$PLATINUM

Using the Site After ChinaCupid Sign Up

  • Fill out your profile. Tell us about yourself and your hobbies. A fun, in-depth profile will help you make new friends faster;
  • Add photos. The more fresh, high-quality photos you post, the more attention you’ll get. Don’t be shy;
  • Put yourself on the map. You’ll be able to see people meeting in your neighborhood and even within a few hundred meters of you. It’s so easy to get a date when you’re just around the corner. Try it;
  • Try to get ChinaCupid women. Your profile looks great. It’s time to meet someone! Evaluate a few photos in the game. It’s the easiest way to flirt and make new acquaintances;
  • Want more attention? Pick up your profile or post a photo of yourself on the Leaderboard. Your photo will catch the eye of the community, and you will be showered with compliments;
  • Activate Premium access to enjoy the most comfortable features of the site without any limits. Premium is indispensable for those who communicate and get to know each other as much as possible;
  • Tired of sitting in front of your computer? has great mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone that will help you stay connected and instantly know about new events.

Sign Up Process to ChinaCupid

Online registration on the site takes several steps:

  • Linking your email to the site
  • Taking a psychological test
  • Entering basic data on the page
  • Account activation via email

Registration of new users does not require additional costs. It makes ChinaCupid dating free. Dating on the site is impossible without it.

ChinaCupid create account

ChinaCupid Agency Functionality and Features

ChinaCupid app differs from other online dating sites in how it gives you many options regarding filtering. You can choose customers by their preferences, age, hobbies, career, etc. The more filters you fill in, the better the site is at suggesting you a possible match. This is a set of algorithms that helps you blend in with the society that your interlocutor is within. Its magic comes true, as you get a feeling that the suggested person is like a great person you met before.

ChinaCupid Mobile Version

You can access the site via your smartphone and by typing the web domain. It will get you to the site of ChinaCupid com, which has quality modifications for easier navigation on smartphones. This helps you stay in touch with China women without missing out on recent information. The designers did a decent job at modifying the site, but we would personally recommend the mobile app.

App Version of ChinaCupid

The first time you launch the application, ChinaCupid legit website prompts you to register. You can do this in several ways:

  • Sign in through a social networking account. Currently, registration is available through Facebook, Instagram, etc.;
  • Use the registration form, which is located right there on the main page.

We want to note that registration through social networks is safe, the site does not use your personal information, which is contained in the personal pages. This is what ChinaCupid reviews state. The mobile app version has all of the features the site has, and it takes portability to the next level. During our ChinaCupid review, we found that most of the ChinaCupid users use the mobile app, as your phone is an intricate part of your robust life.

ChinaCupid Team Safety & Security

On our dating site, you can be certain that you and your sensitive information are protected. Every single one of the members has been vetted and confirmed. A privacy and security policy is in place for the website. is part of the ChinaCupid Network, which has a sophisticated anti-fraud mechanism. It double-checks everything to guarantee its members’ safety and legitimacy.

ChinaCupid Customer Service

The team that works on the safety of the website checks every member and their photos. This site uses standard security systems which help in keeping all the information on this platform safe. The bag group works for you to be safe here. So do not be afraid. If you have any questions or think that something is going wrong with the website, contact the support team.

Deleting ChinaCupid Dating App

The dating site allows ChinaCupid member already cancel a paid membership but keep their profile active. To remove your profile from the site, you have two options. Deactivate the profile by hiding it so members can’t see it. This option allows you to log in and reactivate your profile at any time. The other option is to close your account, and your profile will be deleted. Once deleted, a new profile must be created if you want to use the site in the future. On ChinaCupid you cannot disable your account, but you can close your account. If you decide to close your account, it is free to do so. Additionally, you can unsubscribe from any mailing lists/material distributions.

ChinaCupid success stories


After deactivating the account, you have 30 days to restore the ChinaCupid login. During this period, the user can return the previously specified data, photos, and correspondence. During the first 60 days, the owner does not need to contact technical support to regain access.

There are 2 ways to restore the account: use a phone number or email address; connect using social networks. If the page was registered using a social network profile – it is enough to log in using the previous login and password. Restoring by phone number or e-mail address requires that the data is up to date. That is, one of the two ways was available. Appeal to technical support can be created through computer and mobile versions. Moderators respond within the first three days if the user has provided all the necessary information.

There are 2 ways to temporarily remove an account from your search: Hide and delete. The first is necessary if the owner of the page is planning to temporarily remove it, with the possibility of restoring the data. The second is complete – it erases the user’s information, but you can return to the system within the first 60 days. To return such an account: Log in to the application or from the computer version. Authorize – confirm the login. Next, go to the settings and check the item: “Hide profile”. It is recommended to delete the previously set privacy settings. For example, exclude from the search or not to show the status “Online”.

Refund Process

As a rule, all costs associated with in-app purchases are not reimbursable. There are also no refunds or discounts for partially used periods. The site may make an exception if a refund for a Tinder subscription has been requested within 14 days of the transaction or if such a refund is required by the laws of your country. Please refer to the Terms of Use on the ChinaCupid website for details.

Is ChinaCupid Worth It?

During its lifespan, ChinaCupid has managed to gain trust and popularity among online users. The platform has modern and developed functionality and copes well with its task of uniting lonely hearts. This is a service aimed at finding a soulmate and communicating. Users of different ages and nationalities are gathered here. The compatibility of profiles is based on the results of psychological testing, which makes it possible to choose the most suitable partner.

Why Can You Trust Our Review?

  • Our dating site reviewers are qualified experts that know the ins and out of many dating sites;
  • It takes us 3 months to properly check all of the services the dating site provides. This is done for a proper evaluation;
  • We ask the users of the site about their preferences concerning the site to get a better perspective on it;
  • Our review is done wholly for the sake of helping users online find the best possible options for online dating.


Is ChinaCupid Free?

Reviews indicate that the site is free to join. It also provides additional services for basic (free) and premium (paid) members. ChinaCupid mobile app is also completely free to download on your phone.

How to Use ChinaCupid?

You register on a site and fill in all the necessary aspects of your account to look like a legit real person. This is a guaranteed way to attract the attention of many Chinese ladies, as they see a real foreign person in front of them.

Is ChinaCupid Legit?

This is a fantastic dating site that focuses on singles and other foreigners that are interested in dating Chinese people, making the service legitimate. The following dating site has the advantage of allowing you to find a family companion.

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