All About Winning the Hearts of Cyprus Women

Updated on Feb 2023

The Republic of Cyprus is an island country in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It’s a member state of the European Union and also belongs to the Eurozone. Cyprus is a major tourist destination in the Mediterranean and has an advanced economy with a high rate of development. The official languages are Greek and Turkish. The majority of the population is Greek Orthodox followed by Muslims.

Patriarchy, the social system in which a male is the head of the family and its main authority, is still very much alive in Cyprus. Although single Cyprus women work outside the home, they are generally expected to fulfill the traditional domestic roles of housewife and mother as well. Cypriots have very strong family ties and men are used to being the head of the family, so they are good husband material.

Popular citiesNicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Kyrenia
% of real Cyprus girls who prefer dating foreigners70%
Popular dating appsTinder, Lalemou, Badoo
Cyprus Women

Examples of Profiles of Single Cyprus Women Who Use Dating Sites

Min 24 y.o.
Fang 29 y.o.
Xiu 26 y.o.
Aki 27 y.o.
Himari 25 y.o.
Aiko 28 y.o.

The Truth About Cyprus Women

Stylish, bright, gorgeous Cyprus women excite the imagination and inspire bold actions. One of these acts can be to tie the knot with a Cyprus girlfriend. And you can be sure it will become the main event in your life. If you don’t know much about the beauty of the soul and body of the sultry islanders, the most exciting things are waiting ahead.

Asians with a western mentality, southerners with a European attitude to life. Cyprus women are a complete sensation and discovery. Here are a few facts about Cyprus women you might find interesting:

  • They look tempting. Cypriots can be described as quite a beautiful nation. The type of Cyprus look is Mediterranean, combining Greek and Turkish notes. Tanned skin, dark eyes, and hair are the dominant appearances for the women of Cyprus, although sometimes light-haired types can be found. However, unlike Turkish and Greek women, the facial features of pretty Cyprus women are characterized by softness and special appeal.
  • They are hilarious. The girls in Cyprus are not deprived of a sense of humor and a positive attitude to life. Whatever the situation, they’ll joke and laugh. At the very least, smile. They just love to have fun and their jokes are very funny.
  • They are brave and proactive. Young Cyprus women will bravely get to know the man they like, and also straightforwardly tell him about their feelings. This doesn’t mean that they always prefer to take the initiative. But Cyprus babes are free from insecurities and believe that it doesn’t matter who exactly makes the first move. The main thing is to take that step.
Cyprus Girls

Are Cyprus Ladies Good Wives?

Cyprus society remains patriarchal. This means that from childhood, a woman recognizes that the care of the house and children is her responsibility. At the same time, Cyprus wives can work and even have a career, but they don’t forget about cleaning and cooking.

Life with a Cyprus wife is simple and relaxed. She is mostly in a good mood, usually actively interested in the affairs of her husband, and can always make him feel comfortable. Mature Cyprus women take care of their children but will expect a little help from their husbands.

Cyprus Women: Are They Really the Most Beautiful Women in the World?

You’ve probably heard someone describing a woman as looking like a goddess. Well, you can say that any Cyprus girl looks like a goddess. Who wouldn’t want to date Cyprus girls? They are curvy, but they are never fat. They are short, so no matter how tall you are, you’ll always feel like a big man next to them. The Mediterranean sun has done its job to bronze their skin. The necessity to protect it from the heat with creams and oils has made it velvety smooth and simply irresistible to the touch. The way they move is really seductive yet not pretentious. All Cyprus beautiful women are the epitome of femininity.

Health of Cyprus Women

They are healthy, and not because they live on a Mediterranean island, or rather, not only because of it. Living in sunny Cyprus has contributed to this more than you might think. The sunlight is responsible for high energy levels, vitamin D, and low-stress levels in general, which makes it much easier to get enough sleep and eat healthily.

In terms of food, Mediterranean food is considered one of the healthiest in the world. Consisting of fish, cheese, and fresh vegetables all year round, it provides great nutrition and thus promotes health. Cyprus women like to dance and party, so from time to time they drink.

They like to go to the gym, dance, and swim, which gives a new boost to their immunity, ensuring that they are always healthy and fit.

Cyprus wife

Facial Beauty of Cyprus Girls

Cyprus women consider themselves beautiful in a discreet and natural way. They don’t overdo it with makeup. Why would they wear makeup on the beach and in those temperatures? The natural, rosy look is always sexier. Most of them have fair skin that gets that sexy tanned tone during the long hot Mediterranean summers.

Hot Cyprus women have long, thick, dark brown, curly hair. You may notice that some of them dye their hair blonde or red, but the curls or rich waves are usually there.

Success Stories of Cyprus Woman and American Man

Success Story #1 Image
Daniel and Ming EasternHoneys logo
Daniel had always cherished travel. He found it to be the most effective means of evading the monotonous and routine duties that seemed to dominate his existence. However, one day he discovered Fang on a dating website and fell in love with her instantaneously. They began exchanging messages and quickly realized they shared many similarities. They arranged to meet, and after a single evening together, they realized that they were destined to be together forever.
Success Story #2 Image
Keith and Yan LoverWhirl logo
On a dating site, Keith and Yan found each other and began corresponding with one another. They got along famously straight immediately and made plans to get together. When they did eventually meet one another, they were both taken aback by how attractive the other person was. They went on a couple dates, and everything seemed to be going swimmingly at that point. Keith admired Yan for the fervor with which she approached life, and Yan admired Keith for his romantic nature.

Dating and Hookups in Cyprus: How to Meet Cyprus Girls

Cyprus single women prefer to spend maximum time under the sun and absorb vitamin D, which makes them so young and attractive. But if you’ve never been to Cyprus, you might be wondering where to find Cyprus girlfriend and how to start dating Cyprus girls. Below you’ll find a few suggestions on places with lots of Cyprus women to date.

Meet Cyprus Women Online

One-night stands and meeting a lady on the streets don’t always lead to anything serious. The main reason for this is that people often misunderstand each other. At the beginning of an acquaintance, you can’t be sure about the intentions of the person you are talking to.

A Cyprus dating app in America can help you with that. For one, you can see what this girl or the other is looking for. You just need to choose the one you like and start an online communication. This greatly simplifies the search for the one you dream of. Date Cyprus women online to get to know them before seeing them in person. It shouldn’t be a problem to find a Cyprus dating site in USA.

Cyprus ladies

Meet Cyprus Singles on the Beaches

Cyprus women in Cyprus often spend time on the beaches, especially in the off-season, when there are not so many tourists. Practice shows that girls are most willing to communicate with strangers on the beach when they are relaxed and in a good mood.

You might even see a lot of Cyprus girls dating foreigners like you.

Meet Women From Cyprus in Cafes and Restaurants

All southern people like to sit in a restaurant with a cup of coffee, drink it slowly and enjoy life. Cypriots are no exception, and although they often gather in the company of friends, they can sit alone. Join a beautiful café-goer and who knows, maybe this will be a new chapter in two stories at once.

The most famous cafes in Larnaca to find Cyprus singles: To Kafe Tis Chrysanthi’s, Mingle Café, Kybele Café Restaurant. The most famous cafes in Nicosia for dating a Cyprus woman: Kennedy’s Café, Sicily Café Cyprus Nicosia, Halara Café.

On the Embankments

If there are beaches, there are promenades, and in Cyprus, they are bright, modern, lively, and perfect to date a Cyprus girl. There are many attractions, interesting places, photo zones, pavilions, mini cafes, and other pleasures of life that attract both tourists and residents. Isn’t it an ideal place for walks and promising meetings? Dating in Cyprus doesn’t have to be complicated.

No matter where you are looking for a potential soulmate, there’s one thing to always remember. Meeting Cyprus women isn’t exactly hard. It’s keeping them by your side that takes some effort.

Meet Cyprus Singles

How to Seduce Cyprus Women: Things You Should Consider

Dating a Cyprus girl is a pure pleasure. However, you still have to find a special approach to every woman you meet. Pleasing a Cyprus lady might not be that hard but there are still some rules to follow. Here are some things you can do to win her heart.

  • Go shopping together. Beautiful Cyprus girls love fashionable clothes and pay great attention to brands. Take your Cyprus girl date shopping; it’ll give her the greatest pleasure. Walk together in boutiques and shopping malls, choose something interesting and try it on. If you hate shopping, just buy her a branded item in an online store. Gifts for Cyprus women don’t have to be super expensive but they must show you care.
  • Be cheerful but not frivolous. Cyprus women date easy-going men with whom they won’t be bored. At the same time, they need to understand that you can act responsibly. When a Cyprus girl goes on a date, she’ll expect actions from you that will confirm your serious intentions.
  • Add an element of competition. Let yourself be a kid for a while: play games or race to the nearest beach. You can also take part in some competitive games – it all depends on your imagination. Cheerful and playful Cyprus women will be delighted with your ease and creative approach to spending time together. You will never see a Cyprus girl dating a boring man.

The Truth About Cyprus Dating Culture

Marriages without love are rare in the country. Forced marriage to a “suitable” person chosen by parents is considered something unnatural and a violation of human rights. A Cyprus woman will only be guided by her heart when choosing a husband. Who can win her heart? A Cyprus girl likes a kind, cheerful person who is able to take care of her and her children in every way. He must know how to work hard and party hard. At the same time, he must be open-minded and have a sense of humor.

You should know that the island is divided into two parts. The northern part is a state recognized only by Turkey. This is a sore subject for many Cypriots and it would be better for you not to bring it up in the company of your girlfriend and her compatriots.

Women in Cyprus try to give birth to as many children as possible. After all, families with three children are exempt from taxes. It’s not the only reason, though. Cyprus women for dating love children and become delightful mothers who are ready to do a lot for a happy life for their sons and daughters.

Beautiful Cyprus girls

What Cyprus Women Think of Foreigners (Hooking Up)

Whether they like you or not is a matter of personal preference. And they are not particularly captivated by the fact that you are foreign and different. There are lots of foreign guys in Cyprus, so you have to be special or interesting to her specifically if you want to flirt or date. That being said, Cyprus women dating Western men are pretty common.

However, meeting Cyprus girls isn’t that difficult and mostly depends on your charm.

As they are very friendly, you will have more chances to initiate communication than, for example, with German or Korean girls, as they are more reserved.

However, don’t take it for granted that she will jump into bed with you just because she has agreed to a date. Use your friendliness to initiate contact, and play a little hard to get: it will be a lot of fun!

Beautiful Cyprus women are not specifically looking for a foreign husband. They are generally satisfied with life on their island. However, the possibility of moving isn’t excluded at all. But for this, they need to sincerely love a man and make sure that he is the one they have always dreamed of.

How Much Does a Girlfriend Cost in Cyprus?

VisaNot required unless you are going to stay for more than 90 days
Flight$300-$1,200 (low-coster & economy)
Dating platform$40-$100 per year
Gifts$40-$100 per day
Dining out & entertainmentAt least $100 per night


What Do Average Cyprus Girls Look Like?

Typical girls from Cyprus are petite, curvy, with dark curly hair and soft features. These women have amazing olive skin, beautiful dark eyes and their hair is thick and luxurious. This doesn’t mean that you can’t meet Cyprus women with naturally fair hair and blue, green, or gray eyes. Thanks to its geographical situation, these women can be very diverse. Dating Cyprus women is a joy like no other.

How Are Cyprus Girls Treated?

Cyprus ladies are strong-willed and can stand up to someone who tries to hurt them in any way. One can hardly say that men in Cyprus treat them exceptionally badly. However, many Cyprus women note that their men are not too active when it comes to winning their hearts and often take them for granted. A Cyprus woman likes to be adored and courted.

Do Cyprus Ladies Marry Foreigners?

The majority of these ladies don’t have a specific goal to marry a foreign man. They love their home country and why wouldn’t they? Cyprus is a small shard of paradise in the Mediterranean Sea. However, they’ll hardly be against relocating if you really win their heart and prove that your intentions are serious. Dating Cyprus girl might not be easy at the start but it’s worth it!

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